Proud To Be British

I have to do this post today even though I can’t possibly do it justice. I have just got to say how proud I am to be British today!

The Queen had a Jubilee Muster this morning at Windsor Castle and I am absolutely thrilled that two of my friends were in it – one in the RAF band and one marching with the Navy. So proud of both of them!

As you may have heard, Queen Elizabeth is celebrating 60 years on the throne this year (we’ve kept it quiet….) and today was a military occasion in Windsor as part of that. All three services were represented, with plenty of foot-soldiers and bands. There was also a double flypast. Magnificent.

Here’s a couple of photos I’ve garnered from the net today. I wish I could have been there myself but settled for watching it on the BBC instead.




My friend Kev is in this lot!



Nobody does pomp like us Brits do pomp!!!



14 thoughts on “Proud To Be British”

  1. You are so right that do pomp like no other country. I love it. So wish I was there, or anywhere in Britain with a telly to watch the BBC coverage*. And the Queen’s hat — so perfect for her.

    *BBC America is a big disappointment.


    1. I’m sorry to hear the BBC America is a disappointment and that you don’t get all our coverage over there. I’ll do my best to give you what I know over the coming weeks leading up to the Jubilee πŸ™‚


    1. She does look wonderful doesn’t she? So poised and well dressed all the time. I know people say it’s down to money, but I think there has to be something special inside for the money to polish on the outside.


  2. BRITISH through and through. I was made that way and I’ll stay that way….

    Didn’t she look super. I think that she is 83 and I know that she has the money to do it but she always looks absolutely fabulous.

    And what a grand day it was…your pics were great..thanks to the net! still wonderful to see them though

    AND still more to come!


    1. I know – I wish I could have taken my own but I can’t travel at the minute so I had to rely on the internet for my pictures. I can’t wait for what’s next and we’ve still got two weeks to go until the “big day”!


  3. Pomp is right! What a celebration. I saw clips on the US version of BBC. I happen to be an admitted Anglophile and am proud of it! The Queen celebrating 60 years on Her Throne is impressive, and she is such a fine lady, someone who has kept her incredible graciousness with a style most of women would do well by emulating. Me included.

    Thanks for sharing and I think you did Her Majesty justice, Well Done kind Lady!


    1. Thank you BB!! It was a great occasion and we’re just getting started on the Jubilee celebrations so heaven only knows what’s going to happen over the next few weeks! I’ll try and keep you posted πŸ™‚


  4. It was wonderful wasn’t it. I missed the start of the muster because I run the beginner’s band practice session on a Saturday morning but sat glued to the TV for the rest of it.

    Another brilliant show which reinforces all the reasons to be proud to be British.


    1. Yes, we had to record it because of band commitments in the morning too! I just wish my son would show some interest in joining the forces, but at the moment he’s just happy to blow his trombone πŸ™‚


  5. She seems like she is quite a wonderful lady- I always think that she looks like a sort of grandmotherly lady who would be a pleasure to talk to.


  6. We saw on our Australian ABC for the past two Sundays a program called
    in celebration of Queen Elizabeth II’s diamond jubilee. British journalist Andrew Marr documents her life and achievements focusing on efforts to modernise the crown.
    We enjoyed this program very much. You have to admire the Queen for her sense of duty over the course of 60 years. She has an enormous amount of experience and handles everything extremely well.


    1. I do admire the Queen – she is a testament to the life of service. There has not been a day in all her life when she has not been in service to the nation and I’m so proud to call her my Sovereign.


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