Diary of 5

Sunday Night Diary of 5

Sunday night diary of 5:

I am seeing…the bats flying past the window on their evening forage for insects

I am hearing…the dryer on (yet another) cycle today, and Sam playing “Mastermind” with Emma

I am smelling…clean laundry

I tasted…a glass of red wine

I am feeling…a bit apprehensive. I’ve got that “Sunday night” feeling, but unlike people who have a job and go to work on a Monday morning, my apprehension is because I don’t know what to do when I get up in the morning. Most times I can handle it and I have some sort of plan of action but tonight…well, tonight is one of those rare times that I’m stumped.


I couldn’t end my post on such a miserable note so just a word about the bats outside the window. Now, before you jump to any conclusions no I don’t live in the countryside, I’m not going mad and there are no church-towers or caves nearby. The bats are most definitely urban bats and we think they roost (if that’s the correct term?) in the trees surrounding the block of flats over the main road from here.  We have seen them when we’ve walked Bella for her last walk at night sometimes, but on nights like these tonight where there is still light in the sky it’s lovely to see them from our garden. We are only about four weeks or so away from the Summer Solstice so the blueness of the sky at this time of night is something to get used to! I stepped out about half an hour ago because it was so hot indoors and I was feeling a bit anxious and boxed in sat in the house. Kevin came out with me and we’ve just had a quiet spell watching the bats do their business. Isn’t it wonderful when nature does its job and soothes the soul?






7 thoughts on “Sunday Night Diary of 5”

  1. Know what you mean about the “Sunday Night” feeling, especially in the summer (well actually April thru August) when I am unemployed, don’t know what to do with myself. There are only so many Jigsaws, books, computer games etc. and they don’t really fill the gap for me.

    Just makes me feel like I’m treading water, pointless and useless.


    1. That’s EXACTLY what I feel like Mich! I would feel better if I could contribute something to the pot or even just to get about under my own steam, but I feel like they are carrying me and from time to time it gets me to panic stage. I just couldn’t get my head right last night at all, but this morning I didn’t wake up as bad as I went to sleep so had a reasonable day.

      I don’t know how you manage it in a different country with no other family round you and friends that you have only known for a short time. When I had to stop banding and working I got cut off from most people and there’s really only one friend now who is still in touch with me regularly from then and that’s lonely enough so God knows how you are getting on!! Do you think you’ll be staying there or are you planning on coming home anytime in the future?


    1. I stripped my son’s bed today and his bedding was dried on the line in the sun. Now THAT’S a smell that takes some beating! Fresh washing powder plus sunshine. Yummy!


  2. Oh Pam, don’t have that “Sunday night” feeling … plant a garden, remodel a room on your own, break out the sewing machine and make a dress, and on it goes.
    Blessings – Maxi


    1. Oh Maxi – last night was definitely a wobble for me! I usually have a list as long as my arm of things I can do to distract myself and make myself feel constructive and useful, but for some reason last night was one of those (thankfully rare) times where I was just in a blind panic about what I was going to do today. Thankfully I woke up in a better frame of mind than I went to bed in and have had a reasonable day today.

      Thank you for your kind words though. I appreciate your support 🙂


  3. I liked the way you described watching the bats.
    Lovely this smell of washing dried in sunshine!
    Pam, do you have any plans to write fiction for publishing?


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