How Fast Do You Read?

I came across this and thought it would be fun to take it and see how fast I read.

Apparently my reading speed is 81% faster than the average (woohoo!) and I got all the comprehension questions correct afterwards, so it’s speed reading with understanding, which is nice.

I’d be interested to see your results too. Click here if you fancy giving it a go. Please leave a comment if you did so we can compare results.

Cover of "War and Peace (Shared Experienc...


According to the test it would take me 21 hours 7 minutes at that rate of reading to complete War and Peace by Tolstoy. Not sure I’m prepared to test that theory but it’s an interesting piece of information to boast about!!

Happy testing 🙂 



7 thoughts on “How Fast Do You Read?”

  1. That was interesting. I came in at 32% faster, although I didn’t try to speed read, just read it normally. I’m reading Brothers Karamzov at the moment and it may take some time to get to the end.



  2. Sorry, Pam, I don’t want to take the test. I know I am a slow reader, well, most of the time. It seems to depend a bit on the state of my eye-sight. (Maybe this is just an excuse!)
    To read Tolstoy’s WAR AND PEACE would probably take me more like 21 DAYS!
    I read this novel a long, long time ago. And I saw the movie several times. If ever I attempt to read this novel again I am sure it would take me weeks to finish it.


  3. I have always thought of myself as a very slow reader, as I ‘hear’ what I read, and can not remember any content is a skim along. Surprise, surprise it said I read 772 words per minute and that makes me 209% faster than the national average. It is however just about right for my educational level.


  4. I’m 127% faster than average and got 2 out of 3 of the questions correct. It would take me 17 hours and 14 minutes to read War and Peace. And I could read the Bible in 22 hours and 49 minutes, the War of the Worlds in 1 h 46 m.


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