The View From My Armchair


As you can see, it is a fairly relaxed evening here in the Smith household tonight! Football on the telly, wine in the belly, deck door open to a very pleasant evening breeze, washing on the maiden to finish drying overnight and just out of shot are the two children curled up in their various “I’m tired but I’m not going to bed yet” poses! What is the view from your armchair this evening? Why not take a photo and share it with me? I’d love to see what you can see!!


8 thoughts on “The View From My Armchair”

  1. The view from my armchair has been this evening as follows:
    – my backside as I crawl around the floor picking up the mess of the day
    – various naked, half naked children being dried, dressed and brushed after bath time
    – my backside as I pick up the debris of said drying and brushing
    – the ironing board and stacks of ironed uniform.
    All inappropriate or just a bit boring. Lol
    Love the fireplace by the way.


    1. Thank you for replying Patti πŸ™‚ I’m curious about your stack of books….I keep trying to hide my unread ones from my husband but he always seems to find me out….!


  2. The place is a mess as usual. We are waiting for our TV programs to start:
    First “Origins of us”
    Then “Jennifer Byrne presents: Dark places” ( A program about books)


    1. I love programs about books too! They are usually a bit beyond me, but I do love listening to people discussing them. I enjoy listening to anyone who is passionate about something I’m interested in too πŸ™‚


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