Daybook Entry – 2nd June




Outside my window…darkness and drizzle….and a loaded caravan waiting on the drive for us to go away in tomorrow!

I am thinking…about the clothes that still need to be dried for tomorrow, how much of the Jubilee we’ll be missing tomorrow as we travel, whether I should renew my library books tonight or leave it to chance next weekend, how things will go at the service at church tomorrow (I’m in charge of the music and we will be baptising four children), have I got everything together that we need for our week’s holiday….you get the idea?!

I am thankful…for my gift of music

In the kitchen…I cooked chicken and peppers in my own sauce (delish!) and we had that with pitta breads, potato skins and mushrooms.

I am wearing…white vest top and grey pj bottoms

I am creating…still struggling with the blanket for Ethan. I’ve messed up my measurements and calculations somewhere and there is some undoing to do. I’m taking it with me in the caravan next week so hopefully I’ll be able to make progress on it.

I am going…camping tomorrow (did I mention that??!)

I am wondering…what the weather will be like while we are away. Although, to be honest I don’t really care what the weather is going to be like because we’ll have a great time whether the weather is fine or not. We just do the same things with different coats on that’s all!

I am reading… “The Invisible Ones” by Stef Penney. It’s the story of a private investigator on the trail of a missing gypsy girl and it is told from two view points – one is from Ray, the investigator and the other is JJ, a gypsy in the family of the girl who is missing. It’s a slowly unfolding story and even though I’m about a third of the way through I’m not sure that I care enough about the characters yet to want to know what happens to them. I’ll keep going though because it’s easy reading and has it’s own pace which is enough to keep me interested for now.

I am hoping…Ethan gets better soon. He’s been struggling this week with his asthma, which is unheard of in warm weather for him. He has got a chesty cough and a crackly ear so I just hope that it’s not an infection of any kind and that he will enjoy his week away with us next week.

I am looking forward to…being away from home in the fresh air for a week.

I am learning…not to be over-reactionary when a particular friend lets me down.

Around the is utter chaos – clothes half dried, clothes and equipment half packed, pots half washed….it’s home!

I am pondering…whether to try and do a photo-blog next week or whether to try and stick with words. Or to have a holiday altogether and start afresh next Saturday/Sunday when we get back.

A favourite quote for today… “Mum, is three pairs of underpants enough for next week?” from Ethan, my 13 year old son.

One of my favourite things…is loading our caravan when we are about to go on holiday

A few plans for the rest of the week: I’m going to read (Kindle already packed), write (notebooks and story prompt book packed), play Monopoly with my son (already packed), walk, eat, sleep, listen to music (can’t wait for Radio 2 on Sunday night in the van), sleep, walk, have fun, eat some more, listen to more music and generally laze about and have a great time with my family.

A peek into my week…


Some of the ladies at Church enjoying our Jubilee party


The nightmare of Ethan’s blanket – here, it is all laid out in the pattern I want it to be joined but in practice, the large panels aren’t quite the same size as the regular sized patches surrounding them…. ARGH!!!!!

Come and join us at and join in!!


12 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 2nd June”

  1. Oh the joys of getting ready to go camping! I wish I was heading out for a few days! Hope you have a wonderful time and that your son’s asthma settles down and he doesn’t have an infection so he can enjoy the holiday.


    1. Thanks for your comment Colletta 🙂

      The campsite is lovely but the weather is a bit wet so no crochet for me just now! I’ll have a look at your Etsy shop when I am back home with a proper internet connection.


  2. Stumbled across you from the Simple woman – love your blog – similar to mind a random collection of life – as it should be! Have fun and 3 pairs of undies for a week is perfect – one for wearing/one for washing/one drying

    Clever chap your boy!


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