Camping Day 1 – Photo Of The Day

Taken on our stroll this evening,  the lovely sunshine setting on the forest and sheep in the field next to where we’re staying.

England at its best!!



6 thoughts on “Camping Day 1 – Photo Of The Day”

  1. You’re painting a lovely picture of your campsite area and stroll in the evening. Have a very good and relaxing time, Pam.
    It’s the last day of the jubilee celebrations. We watch everything life on TV here in Australia. Two of our grandsons are at present in London.


  2. My husband so agrees with you about sheep, especially ewes with lambs, in a green field as depicting the best of England. (He might put young choristers singing in a beautiful old chapel/cathedral on par with a photo like yours.) The irony of it however is that there are sheep in a field a stones throw away from where we live, but he doesn’t react to them the way he does when we are in Britain. (No lovely choirs with boy trebles near by here.) Glad you are enjoying a camping holiday.


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