Camping Day 5


We visited Fountains Abbey today. Surprisingly, after all the rain yesterday and last night, we managed to stay dry today. We joined the Monks Tour at the abbey and did it in costume…. Photos to follow when I get home and can ” check them for quality” *ahem*… We’re having our last night supper now of chicken, salad, wine, laughter, radio two, reflection, jokes, planning and teasing. Home tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing Emma again and to my own shower, but sad to leave here. We love Yorkshire and will definitely be back. Soon. Thank you all for your comments this week. I’m v sorry I’ve not been able to answer many of you but being this high up on the moors and out of range the signal has meant difficulty in loading the internet with any continuity! I’ll be catching up with you all when I’m home tomorrow. Thank you for joining in with me this week.


4 thoughts on “Camping Day 5”

  1. I would love to hear more about the Monks Tour at Fountains Abbey later. Glad you enjoyed your holiday and kept us in the loop despite the technical challenge.


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