Daybook Entry – Summing Up The Past Week

I thought I would combine two posts today and do a daybook entry that reflected the week away I had with my family last week. I tried to blog something each day whilst I was away but because I was camping on the top of the moors and only had a mobile phone for internet connection I couldn’t really post too much about what I was doing. So here you are – a summing up of the week and a daybook entry all rolled into one. Buy one get one free lol!!




Outside my window…I am looking into my garden which is festooned with camping equipment. Unfortunately we have just had a stormy cloudburst and what was nearly dry is now more soaking wet than it was when we hung it up this morning. Oops.

I am thinking…what a wonderful time we had last week.

I am thankful…for my family. For everything.

In the kitchen…half a ton of laundry in various stages of washed, drying, waiting to be washed and waiting to be folded.

I am wearing…new socks!!

I am creating…this is a difficult one this time. I am stuck with Ethan’s blanket still (I’ve blogged about that before so I won’t bore you again) but on a bigger scale I want to be creating something that will earn me money. I keep revisiting this idea from time to time but things are getting to the desperate stage and I absolutely NEED to create something soon or else I will go off my nut with the feeling of uselessness I’ve got at the minute.

I am going…I don’t have any plans to go anywhere for a day or two. My next planned outing is going to be the study group at the vicarage on Tuesday night.

I am wondering…whether I can take migraleve now, or should I wait a bit more? The thing is, I took 60mg of codeine two hours ago for the pains in my offal, but I’m developing a migraine now as well and I’m not sure whether migraleve has codeine in it or not. I don’t want to chance it so I think I’ll leave it for now and hope that the migraine doesn’t spin off within the next two hours.

I am reading… “The Crow Trap” by Ann Cleeves. I’ve not got very far into it yet and the characters are just about being introduced. It’s the first in a series (I’ve already read the fourth, doh!) and it’s by an author I’ve read before so I am looking forward to getting on with this one.

I am hoping…my offal pain is a passing thing…please God don’t let me be laid up with it after having such a great time last week!

I am looking forward to…going to bed tonight. Sounds mard, but there you go, I am a bit mard today.

I am learning…patience!! I am frustrated with my health condition and the fact that it is stopping me doing so much, and that I can’t get involved with certain projects to the extent that I want to. I am learning to be patient and relax, and to wait for things to develop in their own sweet time. But it’s a hard lesson to learn.

Around the house…the post-camping detritus that always happens after a soggy week away.

I am pondering…Kevin and I are looking for a replacement caravan. We have come into a little money recently and rather than do the sensible thing and put it aside to pay for bills later on, we want to spend a little of it on a new caravan. Not new new, but new to us new. We know what we want, and how big we can go (not very on account of the limited space on the driveway) and how much we want to spend (with the emphasis on WANT lol) but finding a suitable van that meets all those criteria is proving a bit tricky. There’s nothing too badly wrong with our current van – so long as you don’t mind the leaks, the draughts, the limited seating space, the difficult setting up of beds at night, the limited storage space… get the idea!

A favourite quote for today…

One of my favourite things…is being away on my holidays

A few plans for the rest of the week: nothing planned really. It’s going to be one of those “see what happens” weeks.

A peek into my week…

Day 1 evening walk. I love the different shades of green lit up by the setting sun. This is Ethan and my Mum inspecting the buds on the pine trees.


Day 1 evening stroll. More of the setting sun on the forest and the sheep


Day 1 evening stroll. The sun peeking out between the trees of the forest on the edges of the campsite.


Day 1 – evening stroll in the woods. The Team being daft…


Being dafter!!!


Day 2 – Day out in Scarborough. This photo was taken at exactly the same spot as our “finishing photo” when we cycled coast to coast a couple of years ago. Dad and Kevin had gone to park the cars so the team is looking a bit depleted here.


Day 2 – waiting for a trip on the pirate ship (just docking behind Ethan). It was a lovely ride…so long as you like the rough sea on a windy day!


Day 3 – relaxing in the sunshine. Dad’s untangling a kite string (for the millionth time…) and Ethan’s reading from my Kindle. He was reading “Pinocchio” to us. (Don’t look at the storm clouds in the distance….)


Our caravans at the bottom of the field. It was lovely and quiet by the end of Tuesday when everyone else had gone home!


Bella resting in the shade.


Mum and Ethan flying the kite


Our caravan didn’t escape the Jubilee flags! I couldn’t take a proper picture of the inside of the awning but that was just as decorated too. As was the front of the van with a huge St George’s flag. Ahhhh proud to be English!


Day 4 – we found the most beautiful village in England. Aldborough in Yorkshire. Not a blade of grass out of place, not a speck of litter or graffiti, not a wheelie bin in sight…Absolutely stunning place.


Mum and Dad walking with Bella in Aldborough. Day 4.


Day 4. The windfarm on the farm next to the campsite. You can actually see the weather front coming in!


Day 4 – the storm has hit. Judging by the news reports in the last few days we were lucky with the weather. We had considered going to Aberystwth or Caernarfon in Wales but because Bella isn’t too well we didn’t want to go that far from home. If we did we would still be there and trapped by the floods. Makes you think doesn’t it!


Day 5 – Fountains Abbey. Beautiful place, well worth a visit, especially if you go on one of the guided tours (see next photograph…)


Yup – we went on the “Monks Tour” which involved us dressing up as monks and following our guide round the Abbey. Looking rather more like Jedi knights on this picture, but I assure you, they were definitely meant to be monks!
And yes, yours truly was dressed up as well! Doing my best Yoda Tuck impression…..


Bella captivated by something in a fireplace at the Abbey.



Ethan, my son. Looking like a paparazzo at age 13!



So there you have it. Some of my snapshots from our week away in the caravan last week. We had an absolute ball last week, it was so relaxing and so much fun I’d go back again next week if I could! We did have our problems (like Mum running out of some of her medication and Dad having to come back home for it on Wednesday, and Dad’s car having engine problems on the journey there, and of course the weather was a bit of an issue by the end of the week because we had no dry shoes and coats) but problems aside, it was a GREAT time!



Come and join us at and join in!



7 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – Summing Up The Past Week”

  1. You made my day, Pam. I felt as if I was there enjoying your trip, your family … especially the “daft photos.”

    Blessings to you and your family – Maxi


    1. Thank you Maxi. I am really glad to know that you have been cheered up by my post and my pictures. You’ve seen a little bit of the “crazy” that makes up my family there!


  2. This is one happy family. I enjoyed looking at all the happy faces. Clearly all of you had a great time. Wonderful that you could go on this trip. Thank you for this extended post. I can understand you find it hard to relax when there’s so much to do at home. But sometimes it’s better to leave a few things for some other time, isn’t it?


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