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My Worktable Today


I thought I’d share a peek into my day today. I’ve been creating some patriotic brooches, and top of the picture is my attempt at an English rose. You can tell I’m trying to ignore my pain today by the fact I’m working on new projects. There’s a Biblical model there somewhere I think!!


9 thoughts on “My Worktable Today”

  1. I absolutely adore the broaches. They are just lovely!!

    Can I also share with you that doing something creative, creating using your hands is an actual study proven method of distraction for pain. ZI have no idea what I would do after 28 yrs of pain of how aI would cope if I did not have creative iutlets for when I hurt. I am humbled by reading this post and seeing your art work.

    Bravo you !!


    1. I have always been “into” crafting, and over the years I have taught myself lots of different activities. My favourite was cross-stitch for years and years but it got too difficult for me to see the little holes so I gradually stopped. I took up crocheting when I first became ill because I was depressed and absolutely NEEDED to do something constructive but that wasn’t physically challenging. I didn’t like the idea of knitting (too slow!) and so crochet was it. I watched quite a few videos on YouTube and on eHow, and looked up hundreds of patterns to get me started. The rest, as they say, is history πŸ™‚

      I love “playing hooky” and have got lots of things around the house that I’ve worked on and I get spells of high creative energy that I try to capitalise on to get me through the bad pain spells. It is a double edged sword – first it helps distract me and second the sense of achievement at finishing a project helps keep the feelings of depression at bay. Win-win!!


      1. How funny in a cool way that I also found knitting too slow so crocheting was my needle passion. And I too needed that distraction and something I could do without increasing the pain spikes.
        I also could not agree with you more naout the satisfying accomplishment we achieve when a project is finished. And we did it in spite of pain or fatigue, and all the rest. Its something I celebrate.

        Absolutely a win – win. I look for things that are win-wins.


  2. Your worktable picture looks absolutely lovely, Pam. I like all the colours. . It’s wonderful that being creative like this helps you to overcome pain. Thank you for sharing.


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