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Banning Soda In Schools

Today’s Plinky prompt is about whether soda should be banned in all school. It is something that makes me fizz!! (No pun intended….)

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    No, absolutely not. Nothing that is freely available and totally legal should EVER be banned. I’m guessing that this question is in relation to a health drive in the US, but having suffered in the UK from similar things for a number of years (and “suffered” is the right word) things like this make me steam.

    Why on earth do the powers that be think that just by banning something, in this case soda, that people will automatically improve their health? If my knowledge and experience of children is anything to go by, as soon as you tell them that something is “naughty” or “banned” or restrict them in any way, then as soon as they get a choice about it they will go overboard and over-indulge instead.

    To my mind, the best way to get kids to leave soda alone (if it really is such a big health problem that is) then why not educate them about the health benefits of NOT having a soda, and by giving them informed choices about what they want instead? Substituting soda for fruit juice isn’t always the healthiest option anyway, so why not give kids the choice?

    Even the strictest health doctors will tell you that a little of something high in calories won’t do you any harm if you have it once in a while. By banning something like soda, then there is no choice and therefore no option.

    I thought the UK and the US were bastions of democracy and freedom of speech? Why then the outlandish measures like these that crop up every now and again? It won’t be long before certain newspapers are banned because they have “unhealthy” stories in them and if that happens what sort of “democracy” will be in then?

    Education, not removal of choice, that’s my opinion!


5 thoughts on “Banning Soda In Schools”

  1. Interesting point. The machines bring a big subsidy to the school which is good for the kids. And I drank fizzy before the machines were allowed into schools. So banning them won’t work. The health argument is a nonsense. Personal choices are down to education and upbringing, not what’s dangled in front of you – after almost 50 years of going into shops and seeing cigarettes on sale I’ve never felt the need to buy them. Good post. 🙂


  2. We are on the same page, Pam. The problem is the same here in the USA; diminish freedom for more government control. Where will it end?
    Blessings – Maxi


  3. This is so upsetting to me. You really hit on a subject here. What bothers me more than the ridiculousness of this is what you touched on … where is it all leading? I totally understand the health issues, but then sugar is probably just as bad or worse than soda so, will they turn around and ban desserts? It’s just ridiculous. I agree with you … education is the key to change. Thanks for posting. 😀


    1. Thank you for your comments. I love hearing from my readers!

      You’re right, education is absolutely the key to it rather than just removing choices. And yes, the scariest thing is where is this all leading?!


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