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11 thoughts on “Life Guide”

  1. I’m reblooging this on my Barefoot Baroness blog if you’ll not mind? I think as usual your post is fabulous, this one especially speaks to the mom and grand mom in me.

    I’ll wait to see if you are cool with me reblogging this~ I am not big on reblogging but this is just so perfect and fits the day. Thanks for sharing dear creative lady!


      1. Thanks so much kind lady~

        I want to award you with The Very Inspiring Award. I have no expectations of what you do with it or how you handle it – I just needed you to know that you and your blog are a constant source of inspiriation for me. In many aspects of my life you bring a sense of fflight in wonder to my own creative wings. Thank you!

        This link below will take you to my post where you can read more about the award.


      2. I’m humbled! Thank you so much. It’s an honour and I’m blown away that my little blog has such an effect. Thank you thank you 🙂

        I never in a million years thought I’d be able to reach out and touch other people in such a way and I’m just astounded. You’ve given me such a boost to my confidence that it’s impossible to overstate it. It’s funny isn’t it how sharing just our simple ups and downs and insights into living have joined us together like this. It’s wonderful, and I’m honoured.


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