My Day Today

Today has been an unusual day in the Smith household. Kevin and I have found ourselves childless for the day for the first time in about 19 years. Ethan was out with the Youth Band at the Severn Valley Railway and their 1940s reenactment weekend, and Emma was working all day today which left us on our own for the first time in so long it felt weird!!

Well, weird for the first five minutes anyway. We were able to go to the church coffee morning without having to clock-watch for picking Ethan up from Music Centre (his usual band on a Saturday morning) and we were able to have dinner at McDonalds without having to argue first. Not only that but the trip round Asda afterwards was an absolute breeze! No arguing, no saying “don’t touch that”, “don’t pick that up”, “put that down”, “no you can’t have it….” a million times each. No distractions, no wondering where the boy was because we’d moved aisles and he was sulking somewhere near the cheese. No dodging out of the way of the boy’s dodgy trolley-management technique that involves skinning the back of your Achilles tendon every ten steps or so. No fifteen hundred questions about the differences between the fruits in the greengrocery section. Ah…. bliss!! We even managed to get all the shopping home in one piece and get it all put away without most of it being demolished by a famished teenager who could easily eat his own bodyweight in food twice a day if he was allowed to.

We dodged the rain in the car park – hilariously there was a mercurial change in the weather that saw a little pitter pat of rain as we loaded the car turn into a total drain-blocking cloudburst the second Kevin stepped away to take the trolley back to the little shelter. He took refuge in the trolley shelter with a couple of other people who got caught out, but the rain was bouncing so hard back up and inside it that his jeans were soaked right through to his skin up as far as his knees!

It was nice to just have a nice chilled out day together, having a chat, having a laugh, enjoying each other’s company and having just a general “isn’t it great when you don’t have to look out for the kids all the time” kind of a day. We had planned on doing a lot today, like a bit of housework that I’ve not been able to manage all week and need help with, and finally getting to grips with how we’re going to finish our bedroom off (it still looks like part-office, part-bedroom) but we just settled for coffee, shopping and watching the tennis. I even had time to literally stop and smell the roses this morning.

Here’s a photo of one of the roses in our front garden taken this morning on our way out. It’s beautiful isn’t it?

After 26 years together, I think we’ve learned that these types of days really are the best.


Quick edit: here’s my son playing his trombone earlier today at the Severn Valley Railway. Proud mummy!!!!


12 thoughts on “My Day Today”

  1. Kidless! I remember the feeling well. We have been empty nesters now for… hmm.. I guess close to 21 yrs. Wow! How time flies. That just made me feel so old it cannot be the right number. But our eldest grand child is 19, and her mom and dad were married for almost 2 yrs before she was born. So…. counting fingers…

    Those kind of rare days that are spent together really are the spice that will let you go from your 26 yrs to 42 or more. I find these are really the most romantic times wit my husband and BFF, when we are just spending time alone. Even today with our daughters now grown adults we still find that shopping together, a quiet mealout, bookstore trips, etc.. they are the best of times.

    I say good for you & Kevin!


    1. It was systems “normal” today – kids, fuss, noise, movement….it was GREAT!! We did enjoy ourselves yesterday, but it was back to normal today which is even better! Looking forward-ish to the empty nest days but thank God that won’t be for a good while yet!


  2. Glad to learn that the the Severn Valley Railway still has a 1940s reenactment weekend. My husband and I planned a day on the Severn Valley Railway during one of our past trips. We had no idea about the 1940s reenactment but it made the outing even more exciting and memorable. I enjoyed music a lot. Nice to see your son taking part and creating memories for others.


    1. Thank you 🙂
      It’s a regular engagement for the band although this year was the first time they did a day trip. In previous years they have done the whole weekend and slept on a railway carriage on the sidings at Kidderminster, but there’s been a change in management and it was better this year they just did the day. The kids love it and the people on the SVR are really grateful and appreciative of them being there too.


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