Extreme Crochet

I’ve been dying to have a go at extreme crocheting for some time now, and have been nagging Kevin to make me a hook out of some dowling in the garage so I could try it.

“Extreme Crochet” is not as daredevil as it might seem. For instance, it’s not done whilst jumping out of an aeroplane, or on tops of mountains or anything. What it is is crocheting using large hooks and multiple strands of yarn or wool. The biggest hook generally on sale is around the 10mm or 11mm mark, but I wanted one that was a bit bigger than that so I asked Kevin to make me my very own.

Here’s my first attempt. What do you think?

It’s just a simple granny square, and here you can see my fantastic new hook by the side of it.

To get a sense of scale, here’s a picture of it with a “normal” hook – this one is 6mm. I think my home-make hook is 16mm….

Apart from adopting a totally new technique in holding the hook and juggling with four strands of yarn instead of just one, it was a pretty straightforward exercise in getting a granny square made up with a reasonably even tension throughout.

In case you’re wondering, I usually hold my hook like I would a pen but with my wooden one I had to hold it in my fist a bit like I would hold a bat. Once I’d sussed out that my stitches were coming out upside down and it wasn’t just me being an idiot, it was great fun! My daughter has adopted this square as a topper for her bedside table. I think I might be making a bigger one for her as a rug for the bedroom floor to go with it next!

We have got some bigger dowling in the garage – 20mm possibly – and so I think I’ll ask him to make me another one a bit bigger than this. I’ll have to build up the muscles in my shoulders before I try it though!!

Happy hooking πŸ™‚







23 thoughts on “Extreme Crochet”

    1. Hi Candace, the way I do them is quite straightforward:Begin with 6 chains and join them with a slip stitch. Chain 2 (counts as a double) and then 2 more double crochets into the centre of the ring. Chain 2 and then do 3 more doubles. Chain another 2, 3 doubles and then chain 2 and 3 more doubles. Chain 2 and then slip stitch into the top of the first cluster. You should have four clusters round the ring joined with 2 chains in each corner. Round 2: chain 2 (counts as your first double) and turn your work round. Do 2 doubles into the chain space of the row underneath and chain 2. Then do 3 doubles into the SAME space as before. Chain 1 and then do 3 doubles into the next space along. Chain 2 and do 2 more doubles and another chain. You should see the shape forming now. Each pair of clusters that are separated by 2 chains will form the corners of the square. Carry on round until you’ve finished that round and slip stitch into the top of the first cluster as you did before. Round 3: chain 2 and turn your work round. Then as before, you need to do 2 doubles, chain 1 (to take it to the corner) and then 3 doubles, 2 chains, 3 doubles to form the first corner. Do 1 chain and then 3 doubles into the next chain space. Then 1 chain to take it to the corner again. Do the same all the way round ending with a chain to take you to the top of the next cluster. Slip stitch to close the round. Once you’ve got it to that stage you will be able to carry on for as long as you need. I generally do four rounds for my “standard” granny squares and I join them together with another row of doubles and slip stitching them to the next square. This extreme version only has three rounds (my arms were aching by then!) but I want to do a bigger one for my daughter’s floor. If you get stuck, there are some really good how-to videos on YouTube which are easy to follow because you can stop them as you work along with them. Good luck!!


    1. Ah well, since making this big granny square I’ve decided I’m going to make a gigantic flower, complete with stem and leaves. I need to source some suitable yellows first though….another excuse to visit the market lol!!


  1. Double wow to you and Kevin, Pam. He did a wonderful job, looks professional.
    You are a daredevil to take it on, great job.
    Blessings – Maxi


  2. I was first intriqued by your title, then as I read further I am really impressed my friend. This cannot be as easy as it seems working with such a large size hook. I have trouble doubling up my wool just for bulk, but if I could master this the whole bulk that I am looking for just happens. Very cool!

    I wonder what it would feel like to work with actual rug wool. I absolutely adore the idea for a rug for your daughter’s room.
    Kudos to you lovely lady!!

    ~ BB


    1. Thankya kindly!! We do make a formidable team when we put our minds to it haha! I know what you mean about doubling up with a bigger hook, I struggled with that at first too but it’s quite easy once you get into a rhythm. It’s the same with the extreme hook too. I got a bit confused to start with when I did the first 6 chains and then joined them because it looked just like a jumble but I got the hang of it easy enough. If you want to have a go I can send you a hook if you like? Kevin wouldn’t mind making another one and I would love to share it with you if you want to have a try! πŸ™‚


      1. Your kindness overwhelms me. Thank you so much. I would love to try this and have today as a matter of fact been trying to figure out how to find one. I love my husband dearly, but as I do not do windows, he does not do carpenter work. He teases me that to pound a nail he needs a handy man. Me. πŸ™‚

        I would even be willing to pay you & Kevin for one, or even the postage. It’s just so kind I hope with all my heart that I did not offend you by offering that up but I’d adore to be able to try this so much I’m game if you are.

        Thanks so much Pam, You & your Kevin made my day!!


      2. You’re very welcome! If you drop me a private email with your address we will sort it out for you. It’d be a pleasure to send you one πŸ™‚ Pam x


  3. HiyaPam sweetie, your kindness still overwhelms me. I wish I could say that is the reason I am stubling around trying to find your email address. I know that I shhould get it in an email alert to you commenting on one of my posts. *I think thats when it happens anyway) Feeling quite foollish but have to admit I don’t know how to find your email.

    I do not want you to put out here publicly so if its okay with you I’ll wait to send you my snail mail until I have found your email. That make any sense? πŸ™‚


    1. It does!! No problem πŸ™‚

      I’ll give you a clue though…. I’m at “not cold” mail and the first part is the same as the first part of my http address πŸ˜‰


      1. Found it! You’re so clever. Maybe you should delet this comment. I sent you my email just prior to this message so you are in my contact list now. Thanks so much Pam!

        I know thisis a silly question but do you send gift cards out? I’d love to send you back a set of my hand crafted greeting cards.No worries if its not your thing. It was just a passing thought.

        Take care~


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