Daybook Entry – 6th July




Outside my window…it’s raining and threatening thunder and lightning. We had some earlier on which was weird.

I am thinking…Andy Murray has got a mountain to climb this afternoon. He’s got the nation’s expectations weighing him down at Wimbledon.

I am thankful…for all those free books available on Amazon to fill up my Kindle with!

In the kitchen…lots of laundry, not a lot of fresh food so a trip to the shops is in order.

I am wearing…pink tie-dyed t-shirt, grey jama bottoms

I am creating…winter hats (yes I know it’s a bit early, but I’m trying to build up a stock so I have got them in for when I sell them later in the year).

I am going…no plans to go anywhere other than Asda

I am wondering…what time Kevin will be home later. I need him to make me another couple of “extreme” crochet hooks

I am reading… “Fire and Ice” by Dana Stabenow. I’m about half way through and still not sure whether I like it or not. I don’t really care for the main characters yet and the story itself doesn’t really know whether it’s a murder mystery or a romance. It’s a bit confusing and not strong enough on either plot line. However, it’s set in Alaska and I’m enjoying learning a bit about the indigenous people and the landscape, so it’s not that bad really.

I am hoping…that we can set some dates for going away in our caravan soon. I don’t really want to be away for the Olympics (I love my sports!) but Kevin is tied with dates and work that needs doing at the school over the holidays. We need to sort it out soon though.

I am praying for…the people who are still displaced from their homes after the explosion in Shaw last week; for the family of the little boy who was killed in it; for the people who helping those who are going to be homeless for a while longer yet. Also for the family and friends of Chris Brahney who went missing locally after the Stone Roses gig last Friday, that they find strength and comfort through this extremely baffling and worrying time.

I am looking forward to…having my family around me this weekend. Family life is feeling really happy and comfortable at the moment. There’s no arguing between the kids – they are actually being civil to one another! – there is happiness and harmony for most of the time, everyone is doing their bit to keep the house running and we are just having a good time enjoying each other’s company. It’s nice.

I am learning…to “extreme” crochet. My husband very kindly made me a huge crochet hook out of a piece of dowling we had in the garage and I’m trying different things with it. I want to make a flower clock, but I need some more wool for that (not enough in my stash of the right colour) so a trip to the market is needed tomorrow. It’s a different technique and requires some muscle power in the shoulders, but it’s a great exercise.

Around the house…general lived-in chaos as usual. Until this afternoon we have had two settees in our living room and 2 sets of chairs but the men have just been to collect the extras so we now have our dining room space back. I say “space” because the table had to be taken apart and stored whilst the extra furniture was here. Trouble with this house is that as soon as a space opens up, or a flat surface gets cleared, it’s like the invasion of the black holes and they just get filled up again. Argh!

I am pondering…planning a cooking weekend soon. Every now and again I like to spend two solid days in the kitchen cooking soups, sauces, curries and shepherds pies for the freezer. It takes a huge physical effort though and it’s not often I’m up to doing it, but I’m coming round to thinking that maybe I should just try and do a bit soon rather than wait to be well enough to do a huge amount. Also, we need to free up some freezer space to store it all afterwards so I’ve got the luxury of pondering for a while longer yet!

A favourite quote for today… “To love is to glimpse a little piece of heaven” Karen Sunde

One of my favourite things…is listening to people talk about their passion.

A few plans for the rest of the week: shopping, church, lots of reading, lots of crocheting, maybe constructing a notebook or three.

A peek into my day…

Hats! I’ve been making hats these last few days. Currently working on the blue one.


Hats in close-up. I love these colour mixes, they look like sweeties!




Come and join us at and join in!!


10 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 6th July”

  1. Feel so sillly, looked everwhere but your actual blog page for your email. Silly!

    Love how you lay out this post, Have a wonderful week stitching aaway my friend, your hats are real cuties to be sure. Love that blue toned one~


    1. Ohhhhh it was agony!! Poor old Andy Murray, he just gave up believing in himself part way through and he just didn’t have it in him today. He’s got the ability but he now needs to build his self belief to match it. Us Brits are used to being the underdog, but today was especially painful because it was the first real chance in generations we’ve had of having a British winner. Ah well, there’s the Olympics I suppose!


      1. My goodness, Men’s Doubles win. This is great. Congratulations! Wimbledon Tennis is shown here only very late at night when I’m already asleep. I used to watch Wimbledon in the past. But these days I can’t keep myself awake this late at night. I used to love watching doubles. Did you see all the finals?

        Peter reckons he saw the young British winner in one news
        item. He thinks the other winner of the doubles may not have
        been British.


      2. That’s right! Yes, the Brit was Johnny Marray and his partner was Danish (I’m afraid I can’t remember his name just now). I saw all of the singles finals but I only saw a little bit of the doubles. It went on a bit late for me and I don’t like tying up the TV for the rest of the family who are not as into it as I am!


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