I’ve been a bit quiet for a day or so. It has been the usual problem of pain preventing me focusing enough to string too words together to make a readable sentence, so I decided it’s not fair to inflict myself upon you dear reader and I’ve left my blog alone. However, I came across this picture today and thought it would be perfect to share with you all today. I borrowed it from “Inspirations Of Old” who I stumbled across on Facebook. It had been shared by a friend and I thought it might be nice to post it on here too.

What prompted my decision to post this today and not my usual sort of fluffy “thought for the day” is that recently I’ve noticed a couple of ongoing arguments and debates where people are utterly convinced that not only are they RIGHT but anyone who is not in agreement with them must be, by default, WRONG. And that’s just not the case, is it?

There are lots of times that we see people arguing over things – sometimes quite major things – and they seem to stand at a point where their view is the ONLY view without giving pause to consider that there is more than one solution to a problem, or one answer to a question, or one moral viewpoint is not superior to the others. The list is endless – the banking crisis, the war in Afghanistan, women bishops, missing people, what constitutes “racism”, the best way to teach children how to read, tackling obesity… All of them have polarised viewpoints where the truth is that the real solution is probably part way between all of them, or even a combination of them, if only we’d take the time out to consider other people’s point of view properly.

Obviously there are instances where there is only one pathway. For me as a Christian, that pathway is through Jesus, but not everyone agrees and even Christians fall out with other Christians over the “right” way to follow God….sheesh!!! Actually, that example just proves my point doesn’t it?!

Do people think they get more brownie points for being “right” and then sticking by it no matter what??

Anyway. I’ve rambled on enough. Not bad for someone who can’t string a sentence together at the minute. I’ll probably review this in a couple of days and scrub most of it. The words anyway, I like the picture.


10 thoughts on “Pathways”

  1. Here here. Even what is ‘right’ today can change by tomorrow as circumstances and environment change. We should always be prepared to be dynamic in our viewpoint. We always need to have a degree of consistency in our lives but to beligerently stick to what you believe is right just because it ‘always has been’ or because you believe it ‘should be’ can be obstructive or even distructive. There’s nothing wrong in presenting an inteligent argument to try and pursuade another to accept your point of view but someties the ‘right’ thing to do is graciously accept that another person’s view will always be different and may be just as valid in its own way and agree to disagree.


  2. Sorry to hear pain is once again your companion. Glad to see you posting though. 🙂 Some folks just don’t know what to do if they don’t have drama in their lives! lol


    1. Thanks Patti! It has been difficult to concentrate through the painkiller fog these past few days but today is better 🙂

      I guess your “drama” comment is about the picture I shared on Facebook. I had to do that…I’m so sick of some of my friends who think that they should live out every single up and down in their life in public and on Facebook. I think everyone has a friend or two on their list that are like that. Drama drama drama drama……sigh….. If they were to just stop and think about it, they are living no less a dramatic life than anyone else it’s just that us grown ups keep it to ourselves!!! (I think my patience drug has just run out lol) 🙂


      1. What you wrote, Pam, makes perfect sense to me. I think you shouldn’t scrub any of it.

        As you know I’m at an advanced age. Mobile phones as well as Facebook just isn’t for me. I love blogging and I love Email. But that’s it then. Sadly, hardly anyone in my family still wants to use email a lot. Apparently Facebook has more appeal these days. Peter is the same age as me, maybe a bit younger at heart. Anyhow he’s to be admired for going to Facebook on a daily basis to check on our children’s
        comments. I must admit it’s a good, and sometimes the only way, to keep in touch with what our children and grandchildren are up to. Often they include lovely new photos with their comments too. I am always grateful when Peter tells me what the children have been writing and shows me their pictures.

        Without TOLERANCE there is no PEACE.
        How true this is!

        Maybe some people just don’t want peace in their lives. They prefer fighting and drama!

        I’m glad you felt better as you were writing this post, Pam.
        Thank you for sharing this inspirational picture as well as your thoughts.


      2. Hi Uta 🙂

        Thank you for your lovely comments, I always appreciate hearing from you. I know what you mean about Facebook. It used to be one of those things that was “for the kids” but it’s such a useful tool for keeping in touch with family and friends, especially with the sharing of pictures.

        I’m glad you like the picture – I’m glad I got myself out of my pain-funk to share it too!! Pam 🙂


  3. Hope your pain goes away (and stays away!). This was a good post- it’s so very easy to think that one’s own way is the only, one, true, correct way to do something. Thanks for the reminder that oftentimes it’s not!


  4. Hi Pam, I pray you are feeling better my friend. I hate it when someone I care for is hurting.

    I have a problem with “Right Fighters” in my world. Its not enough for me that they cannot move past their own noses just to hear someone else out. I need them to set aside their own view for a moment and try the other one on for size. Just saying….


    1. I agree with you, and it’s one of those things that gets me too. There is ALWAYS more than one way to be right, and it really bugs me that people can be so selfish (in the other sense of the word, self-ish) as to think that their was is the ONLY way. Who said they have the monopoly on being correct??!?!


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