Olympic Reception?

How is the rest of the world receiving the Opening Ceremony?

Here in Britain it is going down a STORM!!! Loving it! Please let me know what you think, especially if you are not in the UK. Thank you muchly!!!






15 thoughts on “Olympic Reception?”

  1. Watching it now, probably winding down, the torch lighting…
    I love the celebration, and the heart of the athletes who have worked so hard for these moments.


  2. As usual the whole pomp and circumstance of it all thrills the little girl in me, and I am not ashamed to admit that having royalty involved was exciting for me.
    I have always followed the Royal Family and Princess Kate taught all little girls that they can in fact marry their Prince.

    I still have goosebumps!~ BB


  3. I thought it was well done. It represented all things I think of when I think of Britain. How it was all crammed into that ceremony is beyond me, but I loved it, especially the hill for the flags. How unique. And David Beckham in the speedboat. That was over the top.


  4. Thought the openening ceremony was SUPERB!! Covered everything that makes us Brits, including our sense of humour e.g. the Queen parachuting in and the Charriots of Fire sequence!


  5. David and I always watched the Olympics together; now that he is gone it’s too hard.

    Still, I’m thrilled for you Pam … have fun.
    Blessings – Maxi


    1. Thank you!! I admit it was a bit lost with the Frankie and June part too, but I roared laughing at Rowan Atkinson’s contribution. And what a great sport Her Majesty is!! Whoever came up with that concept deserves a medal for sheer bravery!


  6. In the US the opening ceremony was not aired live. NBC blocked any other live coverage. So it was dragged out over 5 hours last night with way to much voiced over commentary. I am actually still watching the DVR recording as I refused to stay up until midnight and watch all the commercials. Not something you would have had to suffer with the BBC. I am at end of the parade of nations as I type this. I loved that the ceremony started with a children’s choir and the solo of Jerusalem. What is more British than a boy soprano and Jerusalem (especially given that in the US a religious reference like that would never fly). I too was delighted by the Chariots of Fire spoof — prefect. I found the film clip of the Queen and her corgis delightful too, although my husband can not believe she agreed to it. He was very upset that Danny Boyle had the ego to delay the ceremony until dark for all his special cinematic effects making the Queen stay up, at her age, so late in local time to declare the games open. I have some viewing ahead before I reach the clip. I’m still waiting for both your countries to march in. I do like they the flags being posted together around “Glastonbury Tor”.


  7. OK, I just made it to the ending of the opening ceremony coverage. Love the imagery of each country having a leaf that becomes part of the greater Olympic cauldron. And Sir Paul to end, no complaining about that.


    1. Thanks for your feedback kittyhere, it’s great to see how it is being received across the world. Personally I thought that having Paul McCartney at the end was a mistake (his voice and his stage presence is just not up to it) and I was a bit lost with the two kids and the phone story, but I guess that’s because I’m an old fogey lol! On the whole I thought it was a super production and did a great job off showing how diverse and – dare I say it – eccentric us Brits are!


      1. I was not into the two kids and the phone story either — how was she receiving the call from her phone if he had it? And the young rapper was beyond me. True Paul McCartney is not what he was and why is ‘Hey Jude’ the song he always pulls out for big finales? — but for his age he amazes me. Put he and the Queen were out way past their bedtime poor souls.


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