Saturday Six

Six Word Saturday


Loving the sport; spoilt for choice!!!!


I am loving all this choice of sport on TV at the minute. I am always a big Olympics fan but this year the BBC have laid on so much coverage it’s almost impossible to choose what to watch first, next and then later on. As well as that there’s the World Matchplay Darts on Sky so we’re watching the start of the first semi-final of that while we are waiting for the swimming to start on the BBC.

Disappointing road race today with all of the Team GB cyclists finishing way down the field, but hey ho, that’s the way things go. Looking forward to watching the diving in a couple of days and the gymnastics which started today. Also on my “got to watch” list is the BMX cycling, the track cycling and the archery… and then the biggie, the athletics. Come on Team GB!!!!


2 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday”

  1. I haven’t watched any coverage today. Trying to get some of those odd jobs done around the house, and being an available assistant when another pair of hands is needed.


  2. Great Six Words Pam!

    I am just watching the women’s road race (time difference) and of course cheering for Kristen Armstrong, Team USA. Who’s s who is up on the podium receiving the medals though is still to come.

    It;s been graeat so far,
    It’s even more this tis time around for having friends there in the UK is a way to see it through your eyes.
    Love it~ BB


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