Wednesday Hodgepodge

Wednesday Hodgepodge – 8th August

Thank you Joyce for another Olympic effort in sharing the Wednesday Hodgepodge!!



Here are my answers to this week’s questions:

1. In an effort to combat obesity, the mayor of NYC has plans to ban the sale of large sugary drinks (anything over 16 oz.), initially in restaurants, movie theatres, and street carts. Corner stores would also be affected if they are defined as food service establishments. You can read more here. Your thoughts?

I wrote about a similar thing a while ago, and my conclusion is that while portion sizes should be controlled in some way I believe that the control can only come from people themselves and by being educated about what is healthy and what isn’t. I don’t think legislating for things like calorie control and portion sizes is ever going to work. Education is the key.

2. Art festival, music festival, food festival…which would you most like to attend?

Music festival. Food festivals are great and there are lots of freebies, but by and large you have to take home the produce in order to enjoy it. Art festivals here in the UK tend to be a bit highbrow and “arty”, but we have arts and crafts festivals which are a bit more up my street (folk crafts, handicrafts, traditional methods etc) but ultimately, music is my soul and so I would have to vote for one of those. I would love to go to the Cambridge Folk Festival which is held around this time each year. I have been watching on TV and it looks so vibrant and alive!

3. What are you irrational about?

The “harm” that insects can do me…. I even panic at the sight of wasps….tsk, such a wimp.

4. Do you feel confident you’ll have a comfortable retirement?

Not at all. I had to stop paying into my retirement fund a couple of years ago because the contributions were making it difficult to meet day to day bills and expenses and then I got ill and can’t work now. We have always tried to make sure Kevin’s pension fund is maintained so that we will have something other than the state minimum but it is not looking like a healthy situation at all. I just hope and pray that we can hold onto our house so that we will have that as an asset even if we have nothing else. Fingers crossed!

5. What’s been your favourite Olympic moment so far?

Good question!!! This Olympics has seen unprecedented British success and so for me it has been a whole series of “favourite” moments, but Sir Chris Hoy going up for his gold medal last night at the Velodrome has got to be one of the best. It was so emotional, and he now is the most successful British Olympian ever which is a bit of a special moment to have witnessed. (In case  you didn’t know, Sir Steve Redgrave has won 5 gold medals in rowing at 5 successive Games, but Sir Chris Hoy now has 6 gold medals after he won the Keirin last night). This gold medal is Chris’ second gold of the games and he has announced that he is 99.9% certain he won’t be back to defend his titles in Rio at the next Olympics, so it is all the more poignant that he won yesterday. Cycling is my favourite sport and it is such a great feeling to know that my home team is on top of the world at the moment.

6. What would you label as the messiest room in your house?

Not counting the hall or the landing (technically not rooms but thoroughfares) the messiest room in my house has got to be the living room. It certainly lives up to its name in my house!! We do most of our living in this room so it is constantly in a state of flux with all sorts of projects, games, tasks, crafty things etc going on. There are only four of us living here but some days the living room looks like there is a horde of nutcases living here!

7. Do you follow your heart or your head?

I am learning to use my head more, but when I’m up against the wall it is my heart that leads the way.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

Yesterday I posted about how my creative well was running dry and how my energy levels are quite low at the moment. I just want to give a bit of an update to that situation…. I set myself a small, manageable challenge to try and kickstart myself into action. I had started to crochet a hat last week that was still on the hook so I have promised myself that today I WILL finish it and crochet a flower to decorate it with. It is something that a) I can easily identify, b) is not physically demanding, c) is measurable and quantifiable and d) will give me a sense of achievement at the end of the day. I have done more than half of what I set myself and I am confident it will be finished before I go to bed. Photo to follow!!

Also, I just want to thank those of you who have left me a comment or emailed me directly about yesterday’s post. Your support is most welcome and I feel much stronger and happier for your comments. It’s lovely to know you care and that I’m not alone in feeling a mid-summer funk at the moment.


Update: here’s the completed hat, modelled by Edna!




7 thoughts on “Wednesday Hodgepodge – 8th August”

  1. One of my favorite moments was Jessica Ennis winning the heptathalon. She has the most amazing stomach muscles of which I’m slightly envious. Course if I worked out like she does I might have something less jiggly : )

    I’m glad you’re feeling better.


  2. Congrats to all the athletes, and to the UK for doing so well this year! Kudos on setting a goal for yourself. I’m sure your crocheted hat will be gorgeous! Have a wonderful rest of your week.


  3. It is outrageous for anyone to try to control what I drink. It’s called freedom; the right to eat and drink what I want. The mayor has abused his position.

    May Britain continue its success in the Olympics.
    Blessings – Maxi


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