Seven Word Saturday

Ok, ok I know I’m stretching the meme a bit here but I couldn’t squeeze this down any further!


“Watching hubby pass kidney stone NOT FUN!!!”


Kevin was taken ill this morning and had to go to A&E. He has passed a kidney stone but the process was the most pain I’ve ever witnessed outside the maternity ward. Poor lad was in absolute agony but seems fine now (fingers crossed). He’s on antibiotics and painkillers for the residual effects of it. Thank the Lord he’s on the other side of it, I would not want him to go through anything like that again.

Just a further comment: the experience down at North Manchester General Hospital was something else altogether today. There was a stabbing incident locally so the place was full of police and the doctor was tied up in resus for hours with the victim. We bumped into my cousin too who was there with her daughter who had cut her foot open and needed stitches. Two of my Aunties were there as well, one to support my cousin and one because her friend was extremely ill after a biopsy on her lung. You could say that it has been one of those days today… Roll on Sunday!




11 thoughts on “Seven Word Saturday”

  1. YoI don’t know who the score keeper is for SWS but you should win the prize.. OH I am still chuckling and that is after a complete full on giggling fit, a good hyterical laughing cry, which then led into tears..

    ….is that mean? “-)

    I’m really glad he’s Okay Pam. Passing Kidney Stones can be dangerous business.
    Family affair at Manchester general? LOL…


    1. No it’s not mean lol! It was just one of the oddest days yesterday and I’m glad it’s over. He’s feeling a lot better today and his much more like his old (grumpy) self….!


    1. Thank you, he’s much better today and back on his feet again thank God. It was weird bumping into so many of my family down there yesterday, but our family is kinda like that. Weird I mean!


    1. Thank you Patti. Today is much more normal for us thank God. Kevin is feeling better, just a bit achey and sore from the stone moving around but he’s his usual self again today in terms of his high spirits and general happiness 🙂


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