Holiday Time!!!!

It’s holiday time!!!

I am going on holiday tomorrow and so I am just giving you advance notice that I won’t be posting my usual posts for the next fortnight. I will try and give you a daily post about where we are and what we have been up to but I can’t promise because I don’t know what the mobile reception will be like.

I have managed to persuade Emma and Sam to come and join us after their week in the Lake District next week (we’re heading south in the morning and they’re heading north on Monday) which will be brilliant. I’ve not blogged about it but I have not been looking forward to having a family holiday without Emma (I’ll perhaps explain it another time) but I am relieved that she will be joining us for some of the holiday at least.

Also, Kevin has had a recurrence of his kidney problem and until this evening we weren’t sure if we would be going away at all. Thank the Lord that he appears to have overcome this particular episode and we have got more medication from the GP to take away with us now. He saw a doctor yesterday who said that the pain he was feeling was probably because of a residual infection and so she gave him antibiotics but the pain had spiralled again this afternoon so I rang the surgery and spoke to another doctor who gave him some pretty hefty painkillers. He’s spent most of today being lay down and dopey, but this evening he seems to have perked up a bit. It looks like the driving will fall to me tomorrow though, which is something I am rather looking forward to.

Speaking of driving…. I have done quite a bit of driving this week because of Kevin’s illness and I don’t think I’ve driven so much in the last two and a half years! I took Emma to her friend’s house tonight to deliver her Avon and it struck me that I hadn’t driven in the dark or the rain for more than 30 months and tonight I did both. At the same time…. Not nervous at all (gulp).

Any road up, it’s time for me to sign off now because we have an early start in the morning and if I’m driving towing a caravan for 8 hours in the morning I’d better be nice and fresh for it!!

See you all on the other side.

Best wishes




6 thoughts on “Holiday Time!!!!”

  1. Happy Trails Ppam. I’m happy for you that Emma could come after all. It’s hard to enjoy when your entire flock is not with you.I know.

    Bless Kevin, I pray that the medication works fast on his infection. Kidney Stones, not fun.

    You mentioned looking forward to driving. i am like you in that way. I adore road trips and love to do the driving myself-hence when Bear & I go on vacation we have to flip a coin. Wheo ever said it’s natural for the guy to automatically be the one driving? I’d like to know.. šŸ™‚

    I digress.
    Enjoy, enjoy and don’t fuss about your blog. We’ll be here if you can post, and if not we’ll still be here when you return. Either way I wish you the best of times!


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