Summer Camp – Day 2

Day 2 dawned bright and early for the Pamster today – 6.40am to be precise!! It has been a glorious day all day again today and we made the most of the sunshine by taking Gran out for a ride.

We had already planned on visiting a village nearby, called “Turville” and when we called to see Gran late morning and asked her if she wanted some fresh air she jumped at the chance.


Here’s Mum and Dad with Gran and Bella in Turville.  Do you recognise the building behind them? If you have seen The Vicar of Dibley you might notice that the cottages in the background were used as the Vicar ‘s house in the series. The village itself is a lovely little place and we enjoyed a little stroll round the cottages and in the church. The local ale was sampled too…. Very nice!!

Up on the ridge overlooking the village is a beautiful old windmill. It sits there regally looking down on all it surveys, as it has done for generations. I understand that it was the location for the film Chitty Chitty Bang Bang in the 1960s. I’ll perhaps share a photo of that when I get home and do some zooming and cropping on the PC. Not easy on a mobile phone!

We then went to Hambleton, another “film set” village, this time it was the location for Goodnight Mister Tom. The whole area round here its like a giant film set to be honest – rolling hills, vast open skies, beautiful rural communities and the overall sense that you are part of a bigger history and place in time. There are houses and cottages here that are hundreds of years old, and the land has been farmed for thousands of years. It’s a great reminder of our small place in things.

Gran thoroughly enjoyed her trip out today and when we left her back at her flat she was getting ready for a little doze in her chair. She has caught the sun this afternoon and she has lovely roses in her cheeks which is lovely to see.

I’m not sure what our plan is for tomorrow. Our choices are a trip to the West Wycombe Caves or a visit to Oxford, the city of dreaming spires. I’ll update you tomorrow!!


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