Summer Camp Days 4 and 5

We had a great day yesterday!! First off we called in to see my Gran and she told us it was market day in Thame (pronounced t-a-m-e) so we had a little toddle along to there. And what a super little town it was too!  Historic, picture book shops and houses and a lovely market that has been on that site for the past 800 or so years. We picked up some extra goodies to top up our packed lunch and headed off to Oxford.

Everyone knows about Oxford so I won’t rewrite what better people before me have written about the town, other than to say if ever you want to dip your toe in a bit of proper England then make it a priority to visit there yourself!

We took advantage of the park and ride service, which was a hoot with Bella in tow! Once we arrived we decided the best way to see the city was by the guided tour bus so we hopped on, again with Bella in tow, and thoroughly enjoyed a city tour without breaking into a sweat. There’s almost too much to take in because there is so much history, but it was definitely worth doing.

We got off the tour bus and decided to have a look at the inside of one of the colleges. Ohhh boy!!! We went into the grounds of Baliol College and had a nosy about. It was such a fantastic place, I don’t know how you could NOT learn anything if you studied there!

We had our first game this holiday of card dominoes last night. Great fun made all the funnier by my Dad who for some reason kept losing. Brilliant!!

Today was a more leisurely day and we stayed local. We had a little ride out to see if we could find Chequers, the country home of the Prime Minister. We found the grounds but couldn’t see anything of the house. Too secure!!

We then had some lunch back here in the van and this afternoon had a ride to find Christmas Common. I kid you not dear reader, there is a place called Christmas Common!! It is a tiny little hamlet that is straight out of Rupert The Bear stories, and is gorgeous.

Next we tried to get closer to the windmill that was used as a filming location for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, as seen from the bottom of the valley on Sunday. Unfortunately it is in private hands and is hidden behind massive gates and hedges, so the best view of it really was from the valley floor the other day! We did have a wander through the meadow on the top of the hill and enjoyed the view as it changed with the sunlight. There were some clouds that were being chased by the sunshine and it was great to watch nature just doing her job.

A bit of family time next with a visit to the churchyard to visit my uncle who died earlier this year. As we live so far away it’s the first time we’ve been back since the funeral and it was nice to lay some flowers.

The evening sunshine was spectacular today, casting a golden glow over everything. The churchyard looked beautiful bathed in the autumnal colours of the sunshine on the surrounding trees.

Last stop today was a visit to my Gran for our goodbyes as we are moving on tomorrow. We had a cup of tea with her and she had us in stitches with her stories! She’s a grand old bird for her age and I love her to bits.

It’s a travel day tomorrow so there probably won’t be much to tell you, so instead, I’ll leave you with a couple of photos of the view earlier today.





4 thoughts on “Summer Camp Days 4 and 5”

  1. Just started in the world of blogging – love your profile to which I can I really relate. Just add the companionship and friendship of dogs and that would be complete for me. Looking forward to reading more of your travels (some of which I may know having spent some time in England while busy growing up.


  2. Hi Pam, sorry, haven’t been in touch for a while. I see you had a lovely holiday in the meantime. Did you take any pictures from that market day in Thame? Or of Oxford?
    The two nature pictures look great! So good you enjoyed your holidays. Thanks for posting about it.


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