Summer Camp Day 8

It has been a great day for weather today!

First off it was scorching sunshine, then cloudy, then sunshine again, then stormy and now it’s pleasant sunshine again.

We visited the market town of Nailsworth today and bought ourselves a picnic lunch. The idea was to go to one of the long barrows round here and to have it, but as we got closer our target we realised there was a picnic spot with a viewpoint further along the road so we went there instead.

Good call! The view was absolutely spectacular over the floodplain and over to the River Severn and beyond to the Black Mountains in Wales. We spent ages just looking and looking. So peaceful and so much detail to take in.

We noticed that there was a weather front moving in from the direction of Wales so we waited for it to travel to us and hit. We weren’t disappointed! Thunder, forked lightening, rain lashing down…. BRILLIANT!!

We headed back to site after it and passed through another storm. A bit hairy on the roads but we got back safe enough.

Today is the midway point of our holiday, and you can tell because we’re all settled into the quieter routine and are suitably relaxed and beginning to be refreshed by the experience. The soul is being restored day by day.

You might wonder, dear reader, why this post is coming to you earlier in the day than usual. Well. I’m currently sitting in the laundry room waiting for some emergency washing to finish. It’s not too bad actually. Mum’s here with me knitting, I have my Kindle to hand and Kevin has brought us a cup of tea whilst we wait. Ah bliss!!

I think there will be more games tonight – a grudge match for the resounding defeat last night. Good times!!


2 thoughts on “Summer Camp Day 8”

  1. It sounds like you had absolutely BRILLIANT changes in the weather for the day. We also love to play games. It’s so relaxing. Do you know Rummikub played with tiles instead of cards? It’s our favourite at the moment.


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