Summer Camp Days 9 and 10

First, a Haiku for today :

Rain, rain, morning rain
Rain, rain, afternoon rain, rain
Rain,  rain, evening rain

D’ ya get the picture??!

A bit of a cheat haiku but it illustrates my point well enough.

Yesterday was a total contrast and we had lovely hot sunshine all day. We took the opportunity to visit the local castle, Berkeley Castle to be precise, and really enjoyed the walk round the rooms with a tour guide. The castle itself dates back to 1162 and has been in the Berkeley family ever since apart from a short spell when it was owned by the Crown. There has been a series of Earls in residence and who have owned the property and today it is in the hands of a plain old Mr and Mrs. The title died out with the previous Earl who had no heirs and who passed the castle and all its associated properties to his cousin, the current owner.

It was interesting to learn that the Berkeley family have many fingers in many pies,  including the ownership of Berkeley Square in London and the foundation of Berkeley University in the US.

Photos were not permitted inside the castle so the only ones I have are of the exterior, which is impressive enough!!

There is a butterfly house in the grounds which was lovely. A dedicated greenhouse, for want of a better word, full of exotic plants and butterflies – wonderful!

We then had a barbecue at my brother’s house and had an unexpected addition to the party when my daughter and her boyfriend announced that they were on the train and would be with us in a couple of hours! They were due to join us tomorrow anyway but they came a few days early which has been fantastic.

It’s another travel day tomorrow and we are heading off to Bridgnorth in Worcestershire (pronounced wuss – ter -sher). We have a visit to the stream railway and the local safari park planned. Just hope the weather bucks up a bit, I don’t fancy seeing soggy lions on Wednesday!!


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