Summer Camp Day 11

Today was another travelling day and so we were up and at it bright and early. Well, we were nice and bright, shame about the weather!

It absolutely bucketed it down all night after raining heavily all day yesterday and so the ground was moist to day the least. We had breakfast and then the heavens opened again this morning, so everything was nice and saturated for packing up. Oh and muddy too.  Bah!!

We were worried about getting off the boggy ground but as it turned out we didn’t need the services of the owner’s tractor to tow us out and we managed to get out ok. God bless the man who invented wellies!

The journey here was pretty uneventful and we arrived safely in Bridgnorth in Shropshire around teatime. The site isn’t as nice as the last one. The toilet and shower facilities are limited, we are a bit cramped up in a corner of a field, and there is a kennels next door which means endless barking from a hundred or so homesick dogs.

We have got a couple of days out planned so the noise won’t be a problem through the day, but it is now nearly 11pm and the barking is exactly as it was at 4 pm. I can see is leaving a day early at this rate, I’ll let you know.


2 thoughts on “Summer Camp Day 11”

  1. Oh no, endless barking means no sleep, feelin’ like a zombie the next day. Hopefully the day will be amazing and take away the fatigue.
    Blessings – Maxi


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