Summer Camp – Last Day!

Well dear reader, this fortnight has finally drawn to a close.  We have had a great time and have seen lots more of our wonderful country and learned an awful lot about our heritage and our history.

Today’s journey into the past involved a visit to Daniels Mill down the road. The mill has the biggest working water wheel in England and dates back to the early 1800’s. The wheel is still the original, which is remarkable. The mill still produces flour and we bought a couple of bags of it to use at home. I’m looking forward to baking some pure stone ground bread next week especially add it seems the season has turned and we are getting into Autumn.  It’s soup and stew time, which is always better with decent homemade bread to go with them!


We got some lunch in the High Town in Bridgnorth, so called because it is up the cliff from Low Town. It is a gorgeous place to visit, with buildings all seemingly built around 1650 our before!! We went into the castle grounds,  which thanks to a Parliamentarian Army attack in 1642 are now largely park land, and had a look at the remaining wall of the castle keep. It’s a bit lopsided!


After a lovely stroll round the town we decided to head back to camp for our last-night meal. A couple of cooked chickens, some salad, cheese, French bread, pork pies and pickles followed by fresh strawberries and cream. Mmmmm!

You might remember I mentioned the noise of dogs barking when we first arrived. Well….. It turns out they are hunting dogs and the past two days they have been out on the hunt. We heard them departing at 7am these past two mornings. How do we know they are hunting dogs?  That bloody huntsman’s horn has a distinctive sound.  Better than any alarm clock!!

Hopefully they’ll let us have a lie in in the morning before we pack up and head home.

It has been a BRILLIANT holiday but I’m most definitely looking forward to my own bed and shower tomorrow!


11 thoughts on “Summer Camp – Last Day!”

    1. I think they’re a peculiarly British thing – they are little pastry cases filled with minced pork and flavourings. The pastry is usually a hot water pie-crust pastry and there is a stock/jelly surrounding the meat to keep it nice and juicy inside. Gorgeous!!


  1. ah one of the joys of going away is the coming home again…and your own bed!
    Now the holiday is over and it has provided writing material for all those days..what are we going to read now….
    Maybe you can go on another one?


    1. Hahaha I wish!!!

      It has been a great time away but I am glad to be back inside my own four walls again. I feel really relaxed and refreshed now. Hopefully we will get another weekend or so in before it gets too cold.


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