Daybook Entry – 6th September

I haven’t done a daybook entry for a while but I feel the time is right to one for today. If you would like to do your own daybook, please visit The Simple Woman’s Daybook and follow the guidelines there. I’d love to read yours if you drop me a line to say that you have done one!!


Outside my window…night has fallen already. Autumn is well and truly ushering itself in now and at only 9.30pm it is dark and cool outside. It won’t be long for night-dew to make an appearance in the garden.

I am thinking…about going to bed early tonight. I had an extremely rough night last night and have had to take the stronger of my painkillers today so I’m really dopey and need to get some sleep. I draw the line about going to bed before the kids though!

I am thankful…for my husband’s never ending patience and sense of humour, especially at 4am when I wake him up to tell him to be careful about sleeping on such a narrow ledge (yes, I was asleep too!!)

In the kitchen…preparations are underway for me to make some apple chutney over the weekend. Can’t wait!

I am wearing…comfy polo shirt and pyjama bottoms. Feeling mard today.

I am creating…some winter hats and scarves for sale on Etsy.

I am going…to meet a new band tomorrow night. I have been asked to conduct Todmorden Community Band until Christmas to give their resident conductor a break so I’m going to go up and meet them all tomorrow night before taking up the baton next Friday. Kevin and Ethan will be coming to play too so Friday nights are going to be family music nights for the next couple of months.

I am wondering…about lots of random things at the moment. My mind feels really fragmented and it is jumping to all sorts of unusual thoughts just now. I don’t know if it’s as a result of a good relaxing holiday and plans for the future, or because I’ve not slept well this week and my mind is starting to get unravelled!

I am reading…I have just started the second book in the Ivy Malone series. The first one is called “Invisible” and the sequel is called “In Plain Sight”. It carries on directly from the first, which I really enjoyed, so I’m really looking forward to seeing how this one pans out.

I am hoping…I can get my hair cut tomorrow so I don’t meet my new band with the frizzy mop I currently possess. Or does it possess me? Hmmm good question.

I am looking forward to…going to a craft fair in Uppermill over the weekend. I am trying to get enough stock together to do one myself in the coming months but I want to see how one is done before I go ahead and book a place at one. Uppermill is a beautiful little village on the edge of Saddleworth Moor and has regular craft fairs in their Civic Hall. If this one this weekend looks ok then I’ll try and get my name down for the one in October. Eeek!

I am learning…how to crochet mittens and gloves for children.

I am praying… for my friend Pat who has learned recently that the tumour in her breast is an aggressive form of cancer and she has to undergo a lengthy course of chemotherapy starting next week. She is extremely unwell at the moment and she is frightened for her future. If you would like to remember her in your prayers too, I’m sure she would appreciate them.

Around the house…it’s remarkably tidy (for once). We have managed to get through the gargantuan load of washing after our camping holiday (16 loads and then another 3 for washing muddy trainers…urgh), and apart from a couple of boxes of “stuff” that needs sorting through in the living room, it’s not too bad. Let’s see how long it lasts!

I am pondering…getting my sewing machine out tomorrow to make something to sell. I’m thinking about a needlecase, or a peg bag, or some little birds to make into a garland, or something….ideas are swimming around!

A favourite quote for today…

From “Positive Outlooks” on Facebook

One of my favourite things… Is settling down with my Kindle for a right good reading session 🙂

A few plans for the rest of the week: Meeting some new friends tomorrow night, coffee morning at church on Saturday morning, a visit to the craft fair Saturday afternoon, church Sunday morning, possibly going to the craft fair if I don’t make it on Saturday, some crocheting, some cooking, some laundry (as ever!) and some fun with the family.

A peek into my day…

It’s been a slow day for the Pamster today!

6 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 6th September”

  1. Thanks for stopping by and I so enjoyed your daybook as well. So sorry for the pain you are enduring.

    I love a good craft show and sounds like you would be a wonderful asset to one with your creations.

    I have 3 friends battling breast cancer right now. Seems it is at epidemic levels. So, so scary!

    Hope you have a great weekend!


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