Sunday Stealing – The Twenty-Fiver Meme

I am in the mood for a bit of lightness on my blog today and so I hopped over to my favourite rip-off site to borrow one of their memes to join in with. You can find them here at Sunday Stealing: The Twenty-Fiver Meme if you fancy having a look at what they’re up to. The only rule they have is that if you borrow a meme then credit it back to the person you borrowed it from. Cheers to all of us thieves!
1. Tell us about something that made you laugh last night. We have been catching up with Red Dwarf on TV recently in anticipation of the new series, and Ethan loves doing the comedy walk a-la Cat. He did it last night going in and out of the living room and he had me rocking with laughter!

2. What were you doing at 8 PM last night? Apart from watching Ethan doing his Cat impression, we were tucking in to home-made burritos and the first bottle of wine in about three weeks.

The makings of our burritos for tea, plus a bowl of garlic breaded mushrooms. Good old Asda!

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? I was reading (Ivy Malone book 2) and half watching Come Dine With Me over the top of my Kindle.

4. What happened to you in 2006? (Feel free to republish an old post from ’06.) 2006 was the year that we got our first caravan. We took it on a trip to Scotland and it was a great summer holiday. Very happy!!

5. What was the last thing you said out loud? I took a cup of tea out to Kevin (“sorting out” the garage this afternoon…..) and I said “Here y’are”.

6. How many beverages did you have today? Cup of tea with breakfast, cup of coffee after church, glass of water with my lunch, cup of tea just now and a glass of water to take some medication. That would make a total of 5.

7. What colour is your hairbrush? Black and grey.

8. What was the last thing you paid for? Groceries in Asda yesterday.

9. Where were you last night? At home with my boys.

10. What colour is your front door? It’s white, but we don’t use it. We always use the back door (which is on the side of the house, just to confuse things) and it’s black.

11. Where do you keep your change? In my purse or in little piles all around the house. It makes finding Ethan’s bus fare for school a bit like a treasure hunt each morning!

12. What’s the weather like today? It has been extremely sunny, then really muggy, then we had a sudden cloud-burst, then it went back to a bit sunny and is now getting muggy again.

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavour? Honey and ginger.

14. What excites you? Music!! I love playing it, listening to it, arranging it, conducting it, talking about it, planning for it…. cut me in half and I bleed crochets and quavers!

15. Do you want to cut your hair? Funnily enough, no. I had it cut on Friday thank you.

16. Are you over the age of 35? I certainly am.

17. Do you talk a lot? Not really. For one thing I spend a lot of time alone, and for another, I seem to have lost a lot of my self-confidence in the last couple of years so even when I’m in company I tend to keep my thoughts to myself.

18. Do you watch Franklin and Bash? No, never heard of it.

19. Do you know anyone named Steven? My cousin is called Stephen, but his name is spelled with “ph” not “v”.

20. Do you make up your own words? I’m not that clever!

21. Are you a jealous person? Meh… I used to be, but not now. I have come to terms with a lot of things that made me jealous in the past but I’m a happier person nowadays and I’m happy to just let things be.

22. What does the last text message you received say? “I’m staying out after all. I’ve fed the men and I’ll see you tomorrow”.

23. Where’s the next place you’re going to? The kitchen to make some food.

24. Who’s the rudest person in your life? I couldn’t possibly say because they read this blog sometimes!! All I will say is that this person is a very self-centred person anyway and therefore rudeness is second nature to him. He doesn’t even see the need for anyone else’s point of view or concerns etc so therefore he has the right to ride roughshod over whatever anyone else is saying/thinking/doing/suggesting/arguing…

25. Are you crushing on anyone that you shouldn’t be? Not at the moment, no. But would I really tell you that on a public place such as this website if I were?! Go figure!




8 thoughts on “Sunday Stealing – The Twenty-Fiver Meme”

  1. Fabulous steal Pam!!
    I loved learning each thing about you & your life. Most stunning to me that I did not know is your passion for music. I knew there was an interest from past posts but I must have miseed the others (Go figure) If only I would read “ABOUTS”

    You just keep getting more interesting my friend ~ BB


    1. Thank you BB!
      Yeah, my music thang has been pretty much on the back burner for a while now because of my health problems but until then it was all I ever did. I played the cornet in a local brass band (national champions!) but I also did arrangements and other bits and pieces including running a marching band. My health stopped me in my tracks one day and so my musical involvement has changed in the past two years. I have conducted a youth band and have been a “consultant” for another local band as well as doing some music arrangements for a TV program that will be shown in the next couple of months. On Friday this week I will be taking over as conductor of Todmorden Community Band until Christmas, which will be a challenge, but I’m up for it so bring it on! I suppose I should do a fuller post on my musicalness….hmmm….you’ve got me thinking there!


    2. Alrighty then.. I love telling you this. I had the same thing happen to me! Because of health! I have been a vocalist ALL of my life. From the time I can remember because of my parents. I have performed in everything from high school dances to the University Chorale Society, and in between of course.

      Then I had bi-lateral jaw disease that turned into a nightmare, implants, they made things worse, were recalled by the US FDA agency. Meaning for me my mouth will not open more than 3-4cm.
      You know how the bow of the jaw will resonate a harmonic, and the need for fill open jaws to hold a note.. just a couple very basics. So my point my friend, I was shut down as well. How ironic.


      Good luck this Friday Pam. You Rock lady!! Keep me posted.

      And yes, a full blown post about you & music. Please…


      1. Oh my word!!! We are so similar, our stories are almost exactly the same! I’ll definitely do a fuller post about my music background now. I’d love to know more about your singing too. Do you have any recordings I can hear? I recorded a CD a while back with my band where I play a solo. I’m a bit proud of it but don’t like listening to it at the moment because it reminds me of how much my life has changed in the last three years or so.


      2. Smaller world. I am actually having my little broher go through tapes. When i perfored last wwas with the chorale society. Not going to hear me. However I managed my little brothers band in the late 90’s and was often part of the jams that took place. He & I were just talking about the maybe of something being left with my vocals. I just discovered where I could now store tapes.

        I understand your reluctance because of a bit of grieving for what was lost. I am just coming out of it myself. I’m done not living in the life, at least. So I am determined to find a way to have it back.

        I’ll be here cheering you on this Friday Pam.

        Go out there and break a leg! ~ BB


  2. 1. I went to see the first series of Red Dwarf being taped at the BBC in Manchester, they were even funnier in person.

    14. Same for me Music can either excite and / or calm me. Though I must be more ponderous than you, inside me is all bass end chords, baritones, trombones, euphs and basses. Resurgam really does it for me.

    15. Had a slight accident with the clippers n now I look like either a convict or a 2 day recruit from the Royal Marines (obviously only hair not body type!)

    24. Okay I desperately want to know who Number 24 is? Am assuming / hoping it’s not me, as you say “him”, unles you know something I dont?? Give us a clue… PLEEASE , you could always msg me on Facebook!!


    1. Hahahaha!!! You know who he is Mich, I’m mentioning no names lol!

      Sorry to hear about the clippers incident….it must be getting chilly now too. Do you want me to send you a City hat in the post?! :))


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