Photo of the Day

Just had to share this with you!!!

Here is my “little” boy, Ethan, in his school uniform as he starts Year 9. I’m not sure what the American equivalent year is but it’s the school year where children turn 14.

Isn’t he a smasher!!



13 thoughts on “Photo of the Day”

  1. Did you MAKE him put the blazer on? Cos he has his bag on underneath!

    I think it’s the equivealent here in Canada / America of Grade 8 cos they have Junior and Senior Kindergarten and finish at age 18 in Year 12.

    Also here the school’s run by the calender year not the school year for birthdays so kid’s can be 3 3/4 going into Junior Kindergarten because their birthday might be December 30th!

    P.S. Ethan looks Very Smart! No school uniforms over here, is a nightmare trying to get Jenny to dress in the morning, she’s a Diva already at 8 : (


    1. Ah…you spotted it! Yes I did make him put it back on for the picture. Bad mother fail here….I have not yet been up in time to see him off to school this term (blame the drugs!) so I took this one when he came home from school yesterday and true to form he had his blazer “folded” into his school bag to come home. Tsk. Boys!

      It must be strange having no uniforms for kids over there. Over here pretty much all schools now have the same kind of thing, especially at high school level. They are all in black and white with a tie. Schools have their own colour scheme for the tie and the logo on the breast pocket etc, but it’s pretty much the same all over now.


  2. Your boy looks smart and sophisticated, Pam. And something in his pleasant smile makes me feel that he is easy going.

    Here in America 14 is the going age for ninth grade also.

    Blessings to you and your boy ~ Maxi


  3. It is lovely to see British students looking sharp in their uniforms. In the US it is very very rare for schools to have uniforms, or even dress codes. The little ones always steal my heart when we are in the UK. One school in Moreton-in-Marsh (The Dormer School if my memory is working) even has straw hats with ribbons for their girls. My husband and I would hang out in a tea shop waiting for the end of the school day just to see them heading down the ‘high street’.


    1. I love those little uniforms with the hats and ribbons, so sweet and innocent looking! They are definitely a throwback to a more simpler age, and in a lot of ways it’s shame we have lost that innocence really.

      It’s interesting that the British schools reckon that by having a uniform kids learn better, but the US schools think exactly the opposite. I wonder if it really matters one way or the other?!


  4. All my kids wore school uniforms in Australia. I always thought they were a blessing. No problem for the girls having to choose a different dress every morning!
    Ethan really doesn’t look so little any more. I wouldn’t be surprised if he already caught the eye of some of the girls! Such friendly and smashing looks! Wow!


    1. Awwwh thank you Uta! He’s always been a handsome boy to me (Mama’s eyes always see the handsomeness don’t they?) but it’s about now that I’m realising that he is growing into a young man and there will be girls having a peep at him now too!


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