Daybook Entry – 26th September


Outside my window…it’s cold, dark and damp. A really horrible autumn evening.

I am thinking…about my application for the Authorised Lay Ministry course I want to do from January next year.

I am thankful…for my church family.

In the kitchen…not a lot has been happening recently but tomorrow I am going to be making spiced raisin bread.

I am wearing…it’s getting towards bedtime so I’m wearing my sleep tshirt and a pair of pyjama bottoms.

I am creating…Manchester City mascot hats (yay!!!)

I am going…nowhere tomorrow. I’m going to spend the whole day on some music I need for Friday night.

I am wondering…if my cold is going to break or go away overnight. I hate this in-between feeling.

I am reading…  “The Cleansing” by Bill Rogers. It’s the first in a series and is based in my home city of Manchester. I’m not so far into yet but it’s shaping up to be a good story, and it’s really weird seeing all the road names and places that I’ve grown up and are real right there in black and white on the printed page.

I am hoping…the weather improves tomorrow. We’ve had terrible wet weather this week and there are parts of the country that are really suffering from broken services, washed out roads, flooding etc. There’s been some injuries with falling trees and masonry too so I hope the worst is over.

I am praying for…Nora, Pat, William, my Gran and my Dad. Also giving thanks for those people who have supported me through some rough times recently.
I am looking forward to…Saturday night. Nothing in particular, just that it will be the first time this week we will be all together for a family meal.

I am learning… about new worship music.

Around the house…things are pretty tidy (shock horror!!). Apart from the usual laundry (where DOES it come from??!) things are decent and I’d be happy for anyone to come and visit us.

I am pondering…going shopping for some new trousers. Now that I’m going out more I have found that the only pants I have are either a) too formal, b) too summery or c)are the only jeans that fit. I can’t keep wearing the same pair, and I can’t really wear pyjama bottoms out in the street so shopping it must be….sigh….

A favourite quote for today…

One of my favourite things…is singing.

A few plans for the rest of the week: some musical arrangements tomorrow and Friday, band practice Friday night, coffee morning Saturday, church Sunday and my new adventure with the toddlers at the Stay and Play club on Monday morning.

A peek into my day…

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