Missing Out?

Is there a cultural phenomenon that you are missing out on? Are you, like me, one of the few who are not watching Downton Abbey at the moment? Or maybe you don’t buy into the whole X-Factor juggernaut? Or how about something a little more edgy, like the hyped up 50 Shades of Grey?

Are you in, or are you out?

If you’re out, do you feel like you’re missing out on something?

Sometimes, the hype-machine goes into overdrive and it’s hard to know whether something is genuinely worth getting into or whether it is doing a good job of bullying people into watching/reading it.

If you’re in, do you feel the hype and the “water-cooler” gossip is a genuine endorsement or is just that – hype?

When I think about it there are quite a few cultural phenomenons that I haven’t got involved in:

  • James Bond – I have never EVER seen a James Bond film. Never. I’ve listened to the music, I’ve fallen for the leading men (Daniel Craig….phwoar!!), I’ve a fair idea of who’s the baddies and who’s the goodies, but I have never seen more than about 10 seconds of a James Bond film in my life. Do I feel like I’ve missed out on anything? No. Not at all. Well…maybe only the sight of Daniel Craig’s naked chest, but hey, what’s Google images for if it isn’t for ogling movie stills??
  • Star Wars – Another film franchise that I have never seen. In fact the closest I have come is listening to the music (I love John Williams) and playing the Lego game on the Wii with Ethan. There is nothing about these films that has ever made me want to see them and no, I don’t feel I’m missing out.
  • Lord of the Rings Trilogy – Do you remember when these films were all the rage? I do. I have tried to watch the first film, I really have, but I got about as far into it as I did when I tried to read the book. Which was just past the first page of the first chapter!

I never saw the attraction with Twin Peaks neither, although in my defence it was on at a time when my parents controlled the TV output!

What about  you? Are you sucked in by TV and Film hype, or are you happy to let it pass you by? Does it bother you that you might be missing out on something that “everyone” else is involved with? Is your social conversation out of step with other people…and more to the point, do you care?

I’m interested to know first of all, are there cultural “must-see’s” that you ahem…haven’t seen…..and secondly, do you really care and is life worth a bit more than who did what to whom on the latest episode of your favourite soap?

Tell me!!

(For the record, I do watch the X-Factor and I have read 50 Shades…haha!)




15 thoughts on “Missing Out?”

  1. Hey Pam, I love answering your questions cos I’m BORED!

    Downton Abbey – some of the ladies assume that cos I’m English I MUST be watching it … errrr NOOOOOOO, not my kind of thing really.All those period “Pride n Prejudice” type stuff is about 3 miles either over my head or beneath my feet i.e. ZERO interest.

    James Bond – Seen them all, prefer Sean Connery to Daniel Craig. Liked the slight comedy of Roger Moore, excluding the fact that he can’t act! And I read all the Ian Fleming books, cos my mum had them already.

    Star Wars – Got them all on BluRay (as a set for my 41st Birthday) cos Da Da Daa da da Daa Da Da Daaa, is sOOOOOOO good. Also own a lightsaber (blue – that lights up and makes noises when you whirl it around or bash it on someone).

    Lord of the Rings – Sorry Pam I LOVED both the books AND the movies, read all of them before I was 10. Plus I am really looking forward to seing “The Hobbit”.

    Found the first series of Twin Peaks a bit “odd” but I still quite enjoyed it, second series though was just plain WIERD! and I hated it.

    Wouldn’t say I was a big draw to general hype though, didn’t see “Slum Dog Millionaire” or read the “** Shades of ???” and definately not into the X Factor / Dancing with the Stars etc etc etc. BUT do enjoy the ones where they are auditioning for the musicals, like Sound of Music and Wizard of Oz.

    For the record, my favourite show would be “Big Bang Theory” and I don’t watch any soaps now I’m here over the Ocean! Only watch Corra’s to renew my accent !/!



  2. When I have time, I do watch fair amounts of TV and many movies. Have not seen Downtown Abbey, have not read “50 Shades of Grey.” Never saw “Twin Peaks.” Have never watched X-Factor, but do watch America’s Got Talent. Have never really been into soaps except “Desperate Housewives,” which I watched religiously.

    I have read every Ian Fleming book in print and watched every single James Bond movie ever made.

    I read The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy BEFORE it was a smash hit move trilogy. The Hobbit now in production with Peter Jackson directing again. I’ve seen the cartoon verisons of The Hobbit, but PeterJackson’s LOTR trilogy really hit the nail on the head interpreting the books.

    I LOVED the original Star Wars trilogy in the late 1970s, but could never get into the three pre-quels in the past few years.

    I don’t really care if I’m in step with other people in conversing about certain shows. I think there’s way too much media hype and advertising. Life is worth way more than who did what to whom. When we travel in our 5th wheel trailer many times we can’t get a TV signal and it hasn’t been important enough to us to sign up for satellite TV

    Our favorite show on TV is “Amazing Race” and we’ve watched since the first season. We’d love to be on the show!

    Interesting questions, Pam. Thanks for asking.


  3. I have read all three of 50 Shades and realised just how much time I had wasted, not worth the paper it’s written on but made James a lot of money.

    I do watch Downton Abbey and it’s a must…also quite a few other progs that I can watch now that we have broadband and wi-fi in our village…

    Do not like Really, it is degrading. Used to watch X Factor but now it is stupid and silly so I gave that up


    1. I agree with you Patrecia. X Factor is a victim of its own success and has gone completely over the top and is silly and totally unbelievable now. I suppose it always fixed in some way, but now it is obviously fixed and is a waste of time.

      And yes, the same with 50 Shades. I read them before they got hyped up and only finished them because, being the romantic that I am, I wanted to see how their relationship resolved. The sex was repetitive and too graphic for me, and it was badly written and could have done with a decent edit, but I’m glad I stuck with it to the end. I suppose….


  4. We all have make judgements about our “ins and outs”–I was told about Downton Abbey long before I watched it, but for me the hype is deserved as I truly enjoy it.
    As for Star Wars, I saw some of the early ones but they are really not my cup of tea; Daniel Craig is a great 007 and about the only Bond I have watched; Lord of the Rings? – nope
    I enjoy a little watercooler talk, though most of mine is done with my friends as I work at home at my laptop
    This was a really interesting post–made me stop to think about my viewing habits – but seriously, give Downton Abbey a try — the next season will not be over here until January


    1. Thank you 🙂 I am tempted to watch Downton actually. It really does seem that the hype is deserved (which is unusual in itself!) so I might do a bit of research in finding the first series to watch.


  5. And I thought I was the only odd one out! I read 50 Shades of Grey and found it boring, I never watched the X-Factor, I have tried to read The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings and couldn’t get through them. I do like Downton Abbey, however. I’m not into James Bond; I find them too implausible. Likewise the Batman movies. I have seen most of the Star Wars movies but I’m not a super fan. Now, The Borgias–THAT’s my style.


    1. We have got really similar experiences!! I read 50 Shades before it got hyped up into orbit and to be honest I thought it was a bit of a poor show really. The sex was too repetitive (and way too graphic) and I only read all of them because I wanted to see how their relationship would resolve itself.

      I have to admit that I’m tempted to go and watch the back editions of Downton to catch myself up with it. Of all the cultural “must sees” that have been aired, this one is tempting me the most to go and find out what all the fuss is about. Hmmm….tempting indeed!


  6. I’m with ya on the “did not get sucked into” stuff, Pam. Reality shows don’t do anything for me either. I like forensic shows, the real ones.

    Hope you’re feeling okay, and your music is doing well.

    Blessings ~ Maxi


    1. Hi Maxi, thanks for your comment. I’m not too well still (pain is a big problem at the moment) but the music is going great thanks. I was a bit under par last Friday, but the workrate with the band was excellent and the feedback from them is really positive so I think it’s going to work out well. Phew!


  7. Great post Pam!
    I am not a tele watcher at all really, Some film noir, a stock car race.. but we have a no -profit broadcast tele station here called Public Broadcast. Station. (PBS) No commercials and its funded completely by donations from people like me,
    For my money its the most intelligent programming.

    Last year I caught Downton Abbey in its second season running here on PBS And then the first season Then I repeated the whole process in one weeks time at the coast with a gal pal We were up until 3 -4 am every night watching DA for 4th time in a rowi in one season. I am addicted and have to wait until December for it to run here Anyone who is seeing it and knows me is under strict silence.

    Also see some of the best concerts CSN& Y have done benefits for PBS almost 10 yrs in a row an everyone you can think of.


    1. Your PBS sounds like our BBC – decent programs without commercials!! To be honest, after processing everything that people have said about “Missing Out” on stuff, I have got a niggly bug to go and find out what all the Downton fuss is all about. I’m not bothered about any of the other “must sees” but Downton…hmm….I might be a new convert soon! And I promise not to tell you what’s happening if I catch up with it before December, promise 🙂


      1. I think you might get hooked I love it, hate waiting for it. So it is. I know Pam without you even saying so you;d never be the type to divulge the facts. I have friend there and teasing about watching DA is a fun joke, but I nothing would ever be said .
        You can find for free) I think free_ on hulu’ the four past seasons It was great pleasure I re watched then with a friend its that good. In fact I would do it all over a 3rd time in a heart beat
        If you do watch past seasons feel free to talk to me about those

        Take care Pam I see you have another post that I cannot wait to see


  8. Not a big cultural phenonmena type of gal. (And that includes the techno side of it- I REFUSE to join facebook, or twitter, although have nothing against people who do or anything, they’re just not for me.

    Downtown Abbey- Really want to see it because I love period dramas and/or BBC adaptations of books (well most of them), and Upstairs Downstairs was so great and apparently people compare the two. However, I am in my last year of university, majoring in one of the physical sciences, and applying for doctoral work so TV time is somewhat limited…

    James Bond- Never seen them, but want do just because of all the cultural references.

    Star Wars- I watched the original 3 for the first time in the past year or so and actually liked them more than anticipated. However, I have no real interest in watching the newer 3.

    Lord of the Rings- Read the books before the movies came out (and I was in grade school when the movies came out so that’s saying something) and have seen all three movies. I am interested in seeing the Hobbit when it comes out.

    To asnwer this: “Is your social conversation out of step with other people…and more to the point, do you care?”

    Yes my social conversations can def. be out of step with a lot of my peers because I don’t watch the popular TV shows here in the US. (Have never seen Big Bang Theory, South Park, Family Guy etc and don’t want to.) However, I honestly don’t care that much, because that if the worst conversational problem I have is that I don’t watch Family Guy, then I’m actually doing pretty well. 🙂 Well, that and I have less than no interest in those shows, which are crude, vulgar, and not that funny unless you are an 18-25 year old male, which I am not.

    Sorry for such a run-on answer! This post was really interesting, and I’ve been enjoying other people’s comments. 🙂

    Off to go back to the salt mines (errr, studying).


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