Praying for a positive outcome. Please spread the word.


7 thoughts on “”

  1. Thank you Pam!!
    I received your update.I thnk that my BTH partner is going to uodate since he is also there in the UK. I don’t ever get news like that friom your UK so why we have two of us.

    If you hear more please do not heistate to update me at BTH, your thread here, or even email if you’d like. This is how we want to see WP work with BTH and passionate people like you. Spreading alla nd any ifo about a missing child through WP and all the eys and ears.

    Thanks again Pam You are a rock star in my heart!~ BB


  2. one thing puzzles me..she was playing with agroup of children and it was the Father of one of these children who picked April up. Why did the child not say that it was her Father? and that it was his van?
    as the hours slip by my fears grow worse… I pray to the Lord that she will be found unharmed.
    Please pray with me!


    1. I’ve been following the updates as they’ve happened through the day today and as time goes on it seems there won’t be a happy ending to this situation. It’s so sad for the little girl and her family are absolutely distraught. I can’t imagine what the mother is going through. It is awful.

      As for the man they’ve arrested, I’m not sure that he is a father to any of the friends, but they are saying he is “known to the family”, whatever that means. I’m praying with you.


      1. I think I’d like to have a post done about what the parents go through as best from someone who does not know. Buit I think hitting the aspects parents in this situation face. And maybe baout groups taht gather for support I am just thinking out loud as I write I am inspired by your comment Pam.


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