Wonderful Grace

I found this worship song last week and it has been on my mind ever since. I had to share it with you:



About Pam Smith

I am a Christian and currently exploring vocation. I am a writer, I conduct a brass band, I am an avid reader and when I'm not doing any of those things I crochet with a fierce passion. I am mum to two fantastic young adults, celebrating my Silver wedding anniversary in 2016 with my husband. I recently gained my Bachelor of Arts with honours.
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8 Responses to Wonderful Grace

  1. pattisj says:

    That is a great song, Pam. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Oh Pam what a beautiful Post you did!
    Thank you my friend.This is twice today God has used my WP friends to speak through, To lift me up and remind me that I am not in charge. To turn my trials over to Him, in His time, not mine. In All His Glory and all that is Holy.

    Today started out weird- but long before my noon time my worries and concerns were washed over me and off. I came away knowing that all things are just a they should be and I have no right interfering.

    You touched me deeply with this one my friend – thank you again ~


    • sterlingsop says:

      You are so welcome, and I’m glad to have helped you today. God does work in mysterious ways!! Sometimes his voice is heard in the actions and words of other people and his grace flows all over the world. God bless you xx


      • God Bless you & your guys Pam.
        It is fascinating tom me that this kind of emotion and spirit can be shared with each other online. It stuns me and if I was not living it I am not sure I would buy in to it. But I am and I do. Thank you so much again for this beautiful hymn a ballad. It is a very emotional piece of music.


      • sterlingsop says:

        You’re very welcome and I’m glad I could share it with you 🙂


  3. phew! that was wonderful..it reminds me just what Our Lord did for us because He loved us so much…..not that I ever forget it..but it’s always worth being reminded…thank you my dear..and May God Bless you always


  4. Maxi says:

    This song goes right to the heart, Pam. “Grace gives me what I don’t deserve.” Amen.
    Blessings ~ Maxi


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