Humour In the Dark

Before I begin, I have to tell you that I’m not looking for sympathy or anything, but I want to share this little story with you from last night.

I have not been well for a while (some of you already know this) and my pain levels have been quite high for about a week or so now. I’ve had good-ish days and I’ve had some awful days, and yesterday was one of the awful ones. I was looking forward to going to bed because my whole body was just a total block of pain, and so I took my bedtime doses of painkillers and anti-spasm drugs and took my book to bed at about 11pm. I read for a little while and settled down to sleep.

Only sleep didn’t come… all.

I was awake literally ALL night. It was one of those nights where I just rolled around in bed (from the pain and to try and shut my brain off) and I seemed to look at the clock every 20 minutes or so throughout the night. On top of the discomfort from the pain in my stomach and chest and back, I was also suffering from an all-over itch which I’ve had before and is connected to liver function. It feels like a million ants are crawling under my skin and no matter how much I scratch, the itch just keeps on itching. It’s on the big bits of skin like my legs, back, arms and belly etc, but for some stupid reason, my eyelids and ears and scalp also get it which drives me MAD! So you can imagine that it was not a very comfortable night for me last night.

Now, as I said, I’m not after sympathy I just had to tell you all that as a bit of background for the humorous bit, coming up.

Kevin’s alarm clock goes off at 5.55am, but so that it isn’t too much of a shock to the system he has a radio that is programmed to come on at 5.45am. Being fully aware of that, when I saw the time on my clock just after 5am I had to grab my phone and take this picture…

Can you see what I saw?

It looked just like it was telling me to sob, which is exactly what I felt right then!! It’s a good job I could see the funny side of it.

Ironically, after I saw this I did manage to get to sleep and I didn’t stir even when Kevin got up and got ready for work. Typical!





10 thoughts on “Humour In the Dark”

  1. That is so clever. I did not see “sob”until you mentioned it. Then it became obvious. So funny.

    I know how you feel not being able to sleep.That happens to me on occasion too, not because of pain, though, just because I can’t sleep. I, too, watch the clock creep past the quarter hours.

    Sorry to hear you’ve been in so much pain. Please get well soonest.



  2. However many times I say ‘sorry for your pain’ it will not make it go away but it is good to see that you can still see the funny side of things…

    I shall have a word with The Man Upstairs..I am sure He can do something to help you….. my love and care are winging their way to you


    1. Thank you Patrecia, that’s very kind of you and I appreciate it. I had a better night last night and have felt better today as well so fingers crossed the worst is over for this particular episode.


  3. Never have I heard such horror as you suffer, Pam. There isn’t anything one can do once it’s time for bed. Every night must be a nightmare for you.

    This is so witty: 5:08 seen as S:OB.

    Prayers and Blessings to you ~ Maxi


    1. I only have bad nights like that every now and again. Thank God it’s not every night or I’d be a complete zombie!! And to be honest, I didn’t tell you all of the horror of that night – I was hallucinating at points as well (I think that was the medication) and I’d been “attacked” by white cat-like things, and my fingers all fell off one hand as well……!! I think when it got to the 5.08 stage, my sense of humour was just about still there and the medication was wearing off. Phew!!


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