Daybook Entry – 5th October









Outside my window…It’s dark and the rain has turned icy and needle-sharp.

I am thinking…about a display I need to put together for Experience Harvest at church next week. We’re expecting a couple of hundred kids through our doors next week to give them a Harvest Experience, as we’ve done Christmas and Easter in the past. My job is to create a display that addresses “the harvest of sheep”. Good job I’m into crochet!!

I am thankful…for so many things this week.

In the kitchen…we had a real working class tea tonight – egg, chips and beans. Didn’t have time for a brew but boy did that go down well!

I am wearing…I’m ready for bed and so I’m in my vest top and pj bottoms. Except we’re having cheese on toast for supper and I’ve dropped a slice down myself and so I’ve got semi-melted cheese and salsa splattered down my vest (and all over my keyboard….doh!) and will have to change again.

I am creating…apart from my Experience Harvest display mentioned above, I’ve been creating more hats this week.

I am going…to be leading our Sunday School session on Sunday morning. A privilege/joy/source of nervous exhaustion…. *delete as appropriate!

I am wondering…if tonight’s rehearsal was ok for the chaps….I enjoyed it but it’s hard to tell how well it was received. We played everything from Elvis to Elgar. Great stuff!

I am reading… Just started “The Glass Room” by Anne Cleeves. It’s the fifth in the Vera Stanhope series and is almost a classic locked-room murder in the mode of Agatha Christie. I’ve read another series from Anne Cleeves that is set on the Shetland Islands and she is really good at these types of scenarios. It’s different for the Vera Stanhope series, but sits very well in the Cleeves canon. I’m enjoying it and can’t wait for bedtime for my next instalment!

I am hoping…the pain I’m in now after conducting is not as a result of conducting but is a coincidental pain and will bugger off in time for me to get on with the week ahead.

I am praying for…my neighbour Lynne. Her husband Peter died last week after learning five weeks ago that he had lung cancer. It was his funeral today and I can’t imagine what she is feeling right now.

I am looking forward to…going to bed, I’m shattered.

I am learning…some new chords to play on my guitar. I learned B this week!

Around the house…don’t ask. If a bomb went off it wouldn’t look any different….

I am pondering…when to go shopping for my conducting outfit. I hate shopping at the best of times but I’ve got my first gig on 3rd November and I want to have something decent by then. I’ve only been pondering it for the last month so there’s PLENTY of time yet….haha!

A favourite quote for today… “he’s going slower than the speed of dark”. Actually it was from Red Dwarf last night but it has had me chuckling all day.

One of my favourite things… is cheese on toast the way Kevin does it, especially for supper after band practice on a Friday night. Cheers Kev!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Sunday School on Sunday, Experience Harvest every morning next week, Bible Study on Tuesday night, band practice next Friday.

A peek into my day…

My work last week was to input all this so the band had readable parts and I had a score to work from. Apart from running out of ink this afternoon so I couldn’t print it, it went pretty well…!
















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2 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 5th October”

  1. you are also one very busy lady…fancy dropping cheese down you..maybe you need a bib!!

    I was sorry to hear about your neighbour’s husband. It must have been quite a shock for her but at least the poor man is no longer suffering..he is with the Lord so is as safe as he will ever be,

    I wish you luck with all that you are doing this sounds as if you will need it


    1. Thank you Patrecia! This coming week is going to be hectic, but at least the biggest of those events is done now and I can look forward to the rest of the week with a bit of calmness ahead 🙂


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