As a parent this has got to be the most tremendously traumatic feeling you will ever have. My thoughts and prayers are with April’s mother and father as they wait for the inevitable news that she has been found. Tragically, it’s now not likely she will return safe and well and they are going to face their lives without her.

Also my prayers are for April herself who suffered who knows what during the time when she was taken from outside her home. God rest your soul little one.


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    1. Thank you BB – I know there’s not much to be gained by reblogging about April’s disappearance in terms of finding her alive, but we are at least showing support to her family and her community and we are letting them know that they are not alone in this tragedy. The whole world knows and is aching with them.


      1. God bless you for getting that! We could not let BTH just go silent after the arrest and obvious outcome, This was me grasping for something. I think too that a small community that we have formed we become invested in the case. In the child always. I believe in a real sense we too are grieving, not to be aligned or diminish her family’s pain. Having this platform here at WP has helped me process this kind of event. I am grateful for each person that joins in the support, whether it be during an active alert, or like now.

        I am really grateful to you Pam, who has the insights as a woman, as a mom and a person that are akin to my own. that is meaningful to me. Thank you my friend.


  1. I did a post using the same image and asked people to pray for her safe return…we now kmow that she will not be found alive but we still pray for her family and for the love of Our Lord who now has April in His care


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