12 Things I’ve Learned Today

It’s been a bit of a hectic day dear friends, so I thought I’d give you a list of things I’ve learned today rather than my usual style post. I’ll leave it up to you to join the dots of what’s been happening!!

1. My church congregation can sing a capella when they need to. And they needed to this morning because we had a technical problem.

2. I can solve technical problems in church (yay me!). Only after everyone had gone after the service though (not so yay…).

3. My nerves can’t stand it playing on the top chair in a brass band any more without some intense and determined practice at home.

4. I can’t do the determined and intense practice I need to because it requires diaphragm strength that I haven’t got and can’t get until they cut out my tumours.

5. It is possible for young people, ie teenagers, to make beautiful, emotional and moving music.

6. I am past doing three events on one day: church service this morning, band concert this afternoon, and then another church service this evening is too much. I’m missing the second service tonight and taking the time to let my painkillers work after realising #4 above.

7. Nausea from nerves is entirely different from nausea from aforementioned biliary system tumours. And when you get both at the same time it makes for a Very Unpleasant Experience.

8. You can’t beat brass bands for playing hymn tunes. (I didn’t just learn this today, obviously, but it was really nice to be reminded this afternoon).

9. Playing a world premiere of a new test piece, specially commissioned for the band that you are playing it with, is a great experience. Especially when the piece is dedicated to one of the people you looked up to as a child and was based on his poem about your home town. Brilliant.

10. Never leave your husband unattended while you go and play in a band concert. You will come home to find the hall floor ripped up and all the bookcases in the living room standing randomly about the place.

11. It is possible for your living room to look like a homage to Stonehenge.

12. All the menu plans in the world mean diddly squat when you fully intend cooking paella for tea and you can’t even get into the kitchen. Now, where’s the phone and that takeaway menu??!


8 thoughts on “12 Things I’ve Learned Today”

    1. By process of elimination I don’t think they’re nasty ones, but they cause untold pain and sickness. I have to have another scan soon to check on how much bigger they are and how many more I’ve got since my last check. It feels like I have, but the tests will tell for sure!


  1. It sounds like everything worked out for the church service. I wish I’d come home and find progress made on some of our projects…maybe that’s the solution–I need to leave for a bit. 🙂 Hopefully the cause of all your discomfort has been found and can be dealt with, once and for all.


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