Busy Busy!!

It has been a MAD week this week and it has been so busy I’m only just about coming down out of the whirl now and it’s getting on for midnight on Friday night!

Emma has been off from University because she still has an open wound and she’s had to be visited by the District Nurse every day to have it repacked and redressed. She is feeling much better now than she did this time last week and she’s well on the way to healing which is great news. She dragged me round Manchester city centre the other day to get some bits and pieces for her weekend away with the Navy. She needed things for her hair (it has to be off her face, under her cap and off her collar) so a bun ring, hairpins, a bun net and a gallon of hairspray was top of the list! She is in as an officer cadet and even their casual dress is regulated, so she had to buy another couple of smart blouses for when she isn’t in uniform.

We also picked up her Number 1 uniform from the barracks while we where in town, which is extremely heavy and difficult to carry on the bus, but it was necessary because she had a formal dinner last night and it was needed for then. I spent Wednesday night helping Emma sort out her uniform – ironing EVERYTHING – and I sewed her cap badge on for her. It was so difficult because of the thickness of everything, but it was worth it because she looked so smart I could actually feel my heart expanding when I was watching her and her friend Gemma get ready last night.

Bow-tie tying lesson in full swing!


The Girls ready for their Trafalgar Night Dinner

The two of them had been chosen by “Boss” (real name top secret….even his mother doesn’t know it haha!) to “host” two guests of honour at the Trafalgar Night Dinner. Emma and Gemma had to basically sit with these two guests, see that they had a drink at all times (well, this is the Navy!) and basically make sure they were entertained all night.

The guests of honour, Gemma, Emma and “Boss”

I was on taxi duty so was sat waiting for the call to go and get them home again……1 o’clock in the morning!!!! They had to take their white shirts with them this weekend so they had to go in the wash when we got home. And then I was up at 6.30am this morning to bake a cake for them to take with them as it is Gemma’s birthday. Why do I do these things?!

I do it because I love her that’s why.

And so to departure time. They have gone off now to do a weekend away with the Navy and my house looks like a whirlwind has gone off. Which is exactly what’s happened really! Two 19 year old girls with all their accoutrements for a training weekend away have camped here for the past few days and they have left chaos in their wake. I’ll get round to tidying it tomorrow but for now it’s time for me to go to bed. It’s been a long day…..and I took a 2 hour rehearsal tonight as well!!


1 thought on “Busy Busy!!”

  1. I didn’t realize your daughter was in the Navy? Is she in full-time? In the US oftentimes college students are in it and train part time during their years in school and then have to serve full-time for a few years.

    She and her friend look terrific in their uniforms!


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