Daybook Entry – 29th October




Outside my window…darkness came an hour earlier today. We’re back on Greenwich Mean Time now, which means we have lighter mornings but darker evenings. Time to hibernate!!

I am thinking…about the people who are in the path of Sandy.

I am thankful…for my country’s infrastructure and weather systems that don’t stretch them to the fullest as it is in the US at the moment.

In the kitchen…we had creamy chicken and mushroom pasta for tea.

I am wearing…jeans and a t-shirt.

I am creating…not very much at the moment. I seem to be in a bit of a lull and even the sight of a ball of brightly coloured variegated wool isn’t prompting me to pick up my crochet hook. Must remedy that soon!

I am going…to go to bed soon. I have got a good book on the go and I need my bed shortly.

I am wondering…what is going to happen next in the Jimmy Savile slurry of events. It seems that every day that passes there is more being revealed about his activities and more about the people who knew what he was up to but chose not to say anything. Yesterday saw the first arrest of a “star” in connection with it all and I’m wondering who’s next.

I am reading… “The Black House” by Peter May. It is a crime thriller set on the Isle of Lewis and is the first in a trilogy featuring the detective Fin Macleod. Fin lives and works in Edinburgh but is recalled to Lewis when a murder there has echoes of a case he is working on on the mainland. It is a two stranded narrative; the current day is told in the third person narrative but part of the story is told in the first person by Fin as a small boy growing up on the island. The events of his childhood seem to be totally unconnected to the grisly murder of the current day, but as the story unfolds it is getting interesting to see that they are not as disconnected as it might first appear. I’m about a quarter of the way into it and I love the atmosphere of the landscape and the quirkiness of the characters on the remote island. I’m looking forward to getting another couple of chapters in before I go to sleep tonight.

I am hoping…for a restful sleep.

I am praying for…the people in America who are fearing the storm as it approaches land.

I am looking forward to…spending some time with my son tomorrow.

I am learning…that in the absence of the district nurse and a distinct lack of appointments available at the clinic I have had to step up and learn (quickly!) how to clean, pack and redress my daughter’s wound after her surgery two weeks ago. Because of the depth of the wound it cannot be stitched and it has to heal from the inside out, hence the packing and dressing. Unfortunately, there is a breakdown in the system somewhere and there isn’t always a health professional available to do the job, so I’ve stepped in to do it for her a couple of times now.

Around the house…we’re getting organised for Christmas. We’ve recently had a new floor laid in the hall so we’ve taken the opportunity to sort out my bookshelves (eek!) and we have now managed to collate all the sheet music and manuscript into one cupboard, all my crochet stuff into another, all my cross-stitching stuff in yet another…. you get the idea!

I am pondering…another brew before bed?

A favourite quote for today…


One of my favourite things…is roast parsnips.

A few plans for the rest of the week: print of my arrangement of the French national anthem (for a twinning ceremony on Saturday night), sort out my program notes (for Saturday), cinema and lunch with Ethan tomorrow or Wednesday, band on Friday, gig on Saturday.
A peek into my day… It’s been a slow day today, which is something I needed. I’ve not been well for a couple of days (quelle surprise….) and it has been difficult to get going so I have enjoyed today just pottering and doing a few odd jobs. I helped Emma do some research on domestic violence for an assignment she is doing at Uni. She had to deliver an opening speech on it this afternoon as a practice session and she needed some statistics to back up her argument which I was glad to help her with. My friend Phil came to visit me this afternoon and we had a good natter about a whole raft of stuff, and I had a nap on the settee when he went home. Ah, tis the day of difference today!


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6 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 29th October”

  1. I’ve always thought hibernation was a lovely idea. We don’t return to standard time until next weekend.
    It appears the worst of the storm has passed us, not so good for those to the north.


  2. We made it through here. Somehow we only lost power for about 8 hours, which is a record short time for us in a major storm. Lots of stuff down though and it appears to be very ugly for those along the coast. Thank you for praying and thinking of the East Coast!


    1. Thank the Lord!! Quite often the weather men get the predictions wrong but I think they were realistic in their forecast with the storm this time. People have lost so much – property, businesses, their lives in some cases – and it will take a long time to get back to normal. Praying for you all and thanking God for seeing you safe.


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