Wednesday Hodgepodge

Hallowe’en Hodgepodge

Before we dive in to this week’s Hodgepodge I have got to give a massive thanks to Joyce who has relentlessly given us 8 super questions each week for the past 100 weeks, and has brought us this week’s hodgepodge despite being in the eye of Hurricane Sandy. I salute you Joyce!!!

Here we go for the 100th Wednesday Hodgepodge. As ever, if you fancy having a go click the button below and follow Joyce’s instructions.



1.  What creeps you out?

We use a phrase here in Manchester (possibly further afield in the North of England too) and we say that something “gives me the willies”. I’m guessing that it’s a similar thing to “creeps me out”? Things that give me the willies are things like other people being sick, the crunch of insects when you stand on them, maggots (and other fishing paraphernalia!). The worst thing is that hairy gunk that bungs up the plughole in the bath when I pull it out. Major yuckiness!!

2.  What’s your least favourite candy?

I like most sweets but the older I get the less I like the very, very sweet ones so things like Skittles have dropped off my radar.

3. Are you a fan of scary movies?  What’s the scariest movie you’ve ever seen?

I’m not a big fan of scary movies, no. I don’t mind thrillers or crime dramas but the horror/slasher type movies are definitely not my bag! I used to read a lot of horror when I was a teenager and I have watched a couple of the movies made from those books, and the scariest was probably Amityville. I saw “The Exorcist” but thought it was too cartoon-like to be actually scary and thought the special effects were funny, if you get me?! I watched “Carrie” too but I think there is something wrong with me because I didn’t see the horror, I just cried for her at the end.

4.  What part of life confuses you the most?

The benefits culture we have here in Britain. It seems that if you have never worked and have no intention of ever working to earn your living then you can live off the state and you will not suffer any sort of hardship, but if you have grafted all your life and find yourself unable to work then you are not entitled to any state help whatsoever and you know exactly what hardship is! It is completely bonkers. There are people who have played the system all their lives and are seemingly protected from ever having to contemplate working, whilst there are others who are facing homelessness and starvation because they NEED to join the system and can’t because of the people who have over-played so much in the past.

5. Pumpkin, sunflower, sesame, poppy…your favorite seed?

I don’t really eat any of them as seeds, but I love sesame seeds made into tahini which then goes into my home-made hummus, and I love poppy seeds on top of crusty bread.

6. Imagine your life ten years from today…what’s changed?

My daughter will be serving in the Royal Navy as a lawyer/barrister/solicitor/legal eagle, my son will be starting his career in engineering somewhere (forces? Own business?), I will be looking forward to being a Grandma, I will have enjoyed 10 years of service to my community in lay ministry and will be looking forward to the future. Oh, and I might have had an operation to remove these growths in my biliary system and I might be pain free. Yeehaa!!

7.  What do you a) love most and b) like least about the Hodgepodge?

a) I love the variety in the questions each week. There is kind of a pattern to them but they are a great way of gaining insight into other people’s customs and ways of life. I have learned so much about American culture in the last 18 months or so since I started, and I have met some wonderfully diverse people on here which is great fun.

b) The Linky Tool sometimes throws a wobbler and it can be difficult to link up. Also, commenting on other people’s blogs can be tricky.  I’m not sure if it’s a Blogger thing or a Captcha thing but those “got to prove your ID before you can comment” dialog boxes stop me in my flow and it sometimes puts me off commenting or linking up.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

Today is Hallowe’en, the Eve of All Saints Day which is the feast day the church gives thanks and remembers everyone who has gone before us. I am not against people dressing up and “spooking” each other today, but I just don’t get how all the witches and zombie thing is remotely related to the saints and martyrs of our past, and how it is a “celebration” of anything at all. Maybe it’s because I’m English, or maybe it’s because I’m a killjoy, but I don’t like the way modern Hallowe’en is marked. It’s another Christian festival that has been hijacked and made into another consumerist “event”. I have nothing against people having fun, I just don’t get the connection. That’s all!

For those people having a party or going trick-or-treating tonight, have fun and stay safe.





4 thoughts on “Hallowe’en Hodgepodge”

  1. Don’t know how I could have forgot maggots on my list of creepy things…they are right at the top! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Hope you have a good day!


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