Daybook Entry – 7th November

Outside my window…it’s a miserable, cold, black, damp night.

I am thinking…about a running order for our concert on Sunday after the Remembrance Parade in Todmorden.

I am thankful…for so much it’s hard to know where to begin!

In the kitchen…I did a chorizo sauce for pasta to have for our tea. Things are pretty cleaned up too which is a bonus.

I am wearing…yellow top, dark blue jogging pants.

I am creating…music is top of my agenda at the moment. Not had much time for crocheting or sewing but once the Christmas music is sorted out I’ll have some time to enjoy a bit of hooky.

I am going…to have a morning on the computer rearranging some choral music I want the band to play over Christmas.

I am wondering…what the weather will be like on Sunday. I hope it’s not as cold as it has been forecast – marching in the freezing cold and then standing around at the cenotaph in the chill is not my favourite way to spend a Sunday morning in November.

I am reading… “The Lewis Man” by Peter May. It’s the second in a trilogy set on the island of Lewis off the coast of Scotland. I wrote a review of the first in the series here and this one is turning out to be just as good, if not better, than that.

I am hoping…I get a good night’s sleep tonight. I’ve struggled for two nights on the trot now with pain and it’s been hard to get to sleep and then stay there. Bah…..!

I am praying for… a friend who is experiencing relationship problems right now; Pat, who is undergoing treatment for breast cancer; the family and friends of Kenny who died last Saturday.

I am looking forward to…the service of Remembrance I’m doing with the vicar on Friday at the local sheltered housing flats. I’ve done two services there now and it is a privilege to share communion with people in their home, and to hear their stories and share their troubles. As it is close to Remembrance Sunday and most of the residents are elderly this one will have a certain poignancy that will be moving and emotional.

I am learning… how not to choke the vicar when I give him bread!! (Last time I did it I panicked and gave him a HUGE lump of bread instead of tearing a piece off for him. Oops)

Around the house…our recently re-laid hall floor is still looking good. It is laminate flooring instead of carpet and we have tidied up the shelves and put doors on the cupboards so it is looking smart. We’ve just got to get the message through to the kids that they need to PICK THINGS UP AND PUT THEM AWAY and we will have cracked it!

I am pondering…gifts for Christmas. Oh boy, I loathe and love this chore for myriad reasons and it doesn’t get any easier as each year passes. Who are we buying for this year? How much are we going to spend on the kids? Can we afford to treat each other or are we going to forego our gifts to each other so that we can spend on other people?

A favourite quote for today…this is from Sunday morning: Sat round the table colouring in a picture of a garden with the kids in Sunday School. Me: “My man has long hair in this picture. Maybe it’s a woman?” Two heartbeats later and a little voice from the end of the table: “Or Michael Jackson!” You’ve got to love working with kids.

One of my favourite things…Working with kids!!!!

A few plans for the rest of the week: Music arranging tomorrow, Remembrance service on Friday, band practice Friday night, shopping and cooking for the freezer on Saturday, Remembrance Parade and concert in the British Legion on Sunday morning, a nip or three of brandy to warm up on Sunday afternoon.

A peek into my day…It was my friend Phil’s birthday today and we went out for lunch. We went to a little place in the city centre called This and That which services up good fodder at a really reasonable price. They offer “rice and three” which is basically a plate of rice with three toppings. Today I chose lamb, chicken and spinach which was absolutely gorgeous! Here’s a couple of pictures for you. I warn you though, it is not a pretty place!!

Down a back alley of the city centre in Manchester you will find a bit of This and That….


Inside it looks a bit like a school canteen but it is filled with a cross-section of our population. From homeless people to businessmen and celebrities, they all come here to eat.


And this is why they come! Rice and three, a bit of green magic on top (coriander, tut tut), a bahji and a chapati to share. Top nosh!!!


After our lunch, we went for a walk through town and we bumped into Emma who was on Market Street selling poppies in her Naval uniform. Smart girl isn’t she?!

My sneaky back-shot of Emma at work this afternoon. I’m glad she was paired up with this particular chap, he’s enormous!!


She posed for this one. Complete with poppy #proudmummy!


And I’ve saved the best til last. Ahhhhh my daughter!



Come and join us at and join in!!


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