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Reflecting – A Follow Up

I don’t often do this but I’m going to do a follow up to a post I did a couple of days ago. The subject was  a Plinky prompt about what what I would be thinking about on my deathbed. I think the idea for the prompt was for people to tackle it in a variety of ways – some might be comical with their answers, some might use it as a platform to explore difficult bereavements and others might perhaps use it to discuss their sense of spirituality with their answer.

I thought of doing a comical answer but found that as I was composing it my thought process found its own path and I ended up thinking about my goals and ambitions today but looking backward and imagining whether or not I had achieved them. It made me think about whether or not I was making the most of my relationships today, and whether or not I was allowing fear to stop me living my life and enjoying each day as it comes. I also got to thinking about how I might feel if I’d missed opportunities to help people or to make a difference to them and I made a resolution to do my best not to be full of regrets when I finally get to my last breath.

I had a couple of comments and emails about it from some of my readers that have totally moved me and have put myself in other people’s shoes when it comes to loss and bereavement. Which is no bad thing.

Exploring spirituality, and discussing a person’s quality of life is a very personal thing and I have enjoyed engaging with you about your experiences. It makes me appreciate this tool called “blogging” all the more because it is a great platform for both you dear reader, and I to discuss and explore topics that are a bit close to the bone.

Thank you for those of you who have commented and emailed me about this post. I truly appreciate your engagement with me on topics like this and you have affected me and my life by your responses. Thank you.




3 thoughts on “Reflecting – A Follow Up”

  1. Your posts are always so well written out and timely! In a somewhat similar vein and perhaps partly inspired by your deathbed post, I was thinking yesterday about how I’ve been lazy in reading the Bible and my walk with God, and how it’s never that I mean to push it aside, but rather that I’m so busy. And that got me thinking, when will I “have enough time”? In the mid-term future (next 3-6 years or so) I only see my life getting more hectic and crazy and so I need to find the time NOW. Not to mention the fact that none of us ever knows when we may be called home to God. Thank you for posts that always get me thinking.


    1. You’re very welcome! I like to challenge my readers into thinking about things they perhaps haven’t thought about before, or into thinking about things in a new way and I’m glad that I have succeeded with this post. When I wrote it I was thinking about doing it as a bit of a comical piece of writing, but as soon as I started it got me thinking that hey, this is something quite serious here! It has made me think about how I’m going to live my life from now so that I don’t get to the end and look back thinking “I wish I’d….”

      I’m with you when you talk about finding time NOW to do things. We never know when we’ll be called home so don’t spend too much time worrying about what will happen in 10 years time. Get on with enjoying and living the here and now 🙂


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