Thorns In The Straw

I was introduced to this song today for the first time and I had to share it with you tonight because of how much it moved me. I am going to use it tomorrow when the first of our school groups visits us in church for Experience Christmas, but we sang it tonight at our new music group too. I’m not the world’s best guitar player, but with Helen also playing, and Lorraine, Marie-Claire and Kevin singing along too we made a pretty decent attempt at it.

I had one of those rare moments while we played this where I lose where I am in this world and find myself somewhere else. It happened on about the third or fourth run through/practice of it and it was as if my fingers on the strings, the notes on the page and the words being sung around me all blended together and became one whole experience. I have felt that only a handful of times when I’ve been playing music myself, it is more usually something I experience when I’m listening to music  and am in a sort of trance-like state of mind. There is no feeling like it on Earth.

I hope you are as moved by this as I am.




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