Daybook for 8th December


Daybook Entry



Outside my window… darkness, miserable drizzle

I am thinking…about how this time last week I was in such a state about the week ahead of me. I was in a sheer state of panic and felt really ill because I had so much to do, so little time in between doing it all and I was not at all confident in my own abilities to get through it all.

I am thankful…for the small group of people who have helped me get through this week. I am immensely grateful for their help and support and I have realised just how blessed I am to have those people in my life and in my inner circle keeping me going.

In the kitchen…we had a mix-up tea tonight. Kevin had a Christmas lunch that Joanne had put aside for him earlier, Ethan had a sandwich, I had some Chinese snacks and Emma had a spinach and ricotta filled cannelloni dish. Eclectic or what?!

I am wearing…my favourite lounging about pants and a soft black t-shirt. I’m showered and ready for bed!

I am creating…sadly, nothing at the moment. I’ve been too busy doing all kinds of things to fit in anything creative and crafty. I intend to remedy that next week by making some Christmassy things for the house and a hat for myself.

I am going…to be conducting my band tomorrow in Halifax. We are playing carols between 12 noon and 3pm at the Piece Hall on the stage which was used by the band in the film Brassed Off. Looking forward to it!

I am reading… I have just started reading the third book in a series, “Morgue Drawer For Rent” by Jutta Profijt. It sounds a bit morbid but I assure you these books are far from it! I have loved the series so far. They are right up my street humour-wise and they are a refreshing take on the old “beyond the grave” scenario. Really funny, really entertaining, occasionally thought provoking and always clever.

I am hoping…that it’s not too cold in Halifax tomorrow!

I am praying for…Pat who is now home after a hip operation and another round of chemotherapy; the children who we have had the absolute privilege and joy to share the Christmas story with in church this week; my friends and family who love me and who have given me the strength to get through this week.

I am looking forward to…having a lie-in on Tuesday morning.

I am learning…my body and my spirit are stronger than I thought.

Around the house…oh wow, I’ve got to tell you this….! You may have gathered that I’ve had a hell of a week this week? Well today has been the hardest – setting up the church, setting up the hall, running cables, moving furniture, setting up lights outside, serving a Christmas lunch to some very special families, washing up , tidying up, restoring everything back to normal for tomorrow……(deep breath) well, when I got home my daughter Emma had been an absolute angel and has tidied the house, done all the laundry (and put it all away!), swept the floors, cleared the stairs and vacuumed the carpet (which is a big job, believe me), tidied and cleaned the kitchen and generally been a total cleaning fairy while I’ve been out of the house. I am so lucky to have her, she’s a star.

I am pondering…going to bed for a read or watching QI for a bit.

A favourite quote for today… “The last three are the one with the best voice, the one who will sell the most records and the one who will win”. As said by Emma about the X Factor final.

One of my favourite things…is sleeping.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Halifax gig tomorrow, a funeral on Monday (nobody I know, I’m helping with the sound), nativity plays at church by several classes from the local primary school, a lie in on Tuesday (oh yeah baby YEAH!!), a concert on Friday night, maybe a bit of online shopping….that kinda thing.

A peek into my day…

Setting up our church
Setting up our church


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13 thoughts on “Daybook for 8th December”

  1. Sounds as if you are on overload, Pam. Hope you don’t get run down and up sick in bed.

    Emma you are a shining star, a wonderful example to others. Your mom is lucky to have you, as you are fortunate to have her.

    Many Blessings to you both ~ Maxi


  2. you know what..there is a time and place for everything…and everything has its time to be done and a place where it should be done…so stay calm and let things take a natural course. God has it all in hand


    1. You are so right Patrecia, that is true. I have come to realise that if God wants it to be, then it will be and whatever I do or want or expect or worry about or think I need is irrelevant because He is taking care of it all.


  3. Glad you made it through your crazy week! Gives me hope that I can make it through my week of final exams (6 exams in 5 days plus another final which isn’t an actual exam). 🙂

    I’ve been meaning to ask – a while ago you hinted something exciting was coming in January and that you would tell us all about it. Did I miss that post?

    Hope you have a wonderful week!


    1. Ouch, that’s a lot of exams in one week!!! Good luck with them all. The only advice I can give you, and it’s something that worked for me this week, is to look after yourself in between the hotspots. Eat well, drink plenty of fluids and make sure you get enough rest each night.

      As for the news about my activities in January, thank you for reminding me! I haven’t blogged about it yet but I will do soon. I had totally forgotten that I’d not done it yet. Oops!


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