Synopsis: To Write or Not To Write?

I was having a look in my Plinky Prompt folder in my emails this evening (I get them filtered there so they don’t clog up my inbox) and there was one from the other day that suggested we write a synopsis of a screenplay or a novel we’d like to write.

I thought you might be interested in this story that I have been kicking around for a little while now, and have actually made a start on as a novel (haha!) but needs a lot of work on it before it goes before someone else’s eyes as a story!

I would appreciate your feedback if you would care to spare me a few minutes of your time please.

I wanted to explore the relationship possibilities between two people who obviously love each other but who are bound by some sort of “rules” as to why they shouldn’t be. I thought about a priest and his parishioner, or two people from different cultures, but favoured a scenario where a GP (General Practitioner, doctor for non-UK readers) falls for a patient.

My story begins when her little boy is sick in the night and she calls for the doctor. He turns up, a locum from another surgery, and helps her out. She lives in a small rural village and he takes her and her son to hospital rather than waiting for an ambulance. The child isn’t seriously ill, and is soon on the road to recovery but there has been a spark between them.

As they live in neighbouring villages they bump into each other a couple of more times through the summer and into the autumn that year and they get on like a house on fire. They are of a similar age, they share a similar sense of humour, they both have secrets and emotional baggage, but they become friends and they realise that there is more between them and they could have a future.

However, his ethics and medical principles of not fraternising with patients really hurts him and he is unwilling to let go of his career on the strengths of a “might be” with her. He really has a dilemma on his hands and he is tortured by doing the right thing, and doing what he knows is right. There is a real emotional wrestling match going on and in despair – big scene here – he decides the only way out of his torment is to take the ultimate way out.

He fails in his attempt (not sure how yet) and when he is talking things through with his friend/counsellor afterwards, it is pointed out to him that she isn’t actually his patient. All the worry, anxiety, torment, emotional, heartache etc is all based on the “fact” that she is a patient, but in actual fact it is the child who is his patient, not her.

I don’t want the story to be a big mushy romantic story, I want to explore the ethics and morals that they face. As I said, they both have issues from the past and the whole doctor-patient thing is a huge obstacle for them both as well. Then there is the situation with the child. His feelings have to be taken into consideration, and she is fiercely protective of him and his future, and she is unwilling to throw in her lot with someone who is not altogether sure he can put them both before his career. All very complicated but I really want to write this story and see how it pans out.

I want them to have fun, but I also want them to feel pain and misery. I’m not really a sadist by the way! I think that by going through a painful journey they will learn an awful lot more than if they had it easy and it was just a sex-fest story.

What do you think? Do you think it has legs? Is it worth pursuing? Or is it something that has been done to death and I should leave it alone? I’d appreciate your thoughts!



2 thoughts on “Synopsis: To Write or Not To Write?”

    1. Woohoo thanks! I have been kicking this idea around for a while and have made a start, but I lack the discipline it takes to write consistently enough to get it done. I will have to give myself a shake and get my mojo in order 🙂


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