Daybook Entry – 16th December

Daybook Entry




Outside my window…mild, damp, dark

I am thinking…Kate Middleton looks stunning tonight in her floor length green gown. She is like a Celtic Goddess!!

I am thankful…that my 13 yr old son has learned how to use an iron. His school shirts have had their first “son” pressing tonight and to be honest, they’re not too bad haha!

In the kitchen…we had a lovely meal tonight of chicken and vegetable casserole with sweet potato, green beans and carrots followed by a slice of fruit cake. It was delicious.

I am wearing…my comfy grey top and my comfy grey jogging pants. Not that I intend going to jogging, no no no! I like them for their comfy-ness.

I am creating…a hat for myself. Yes MYSELF! I know, unusual isn’t it?! I saw a pattern that I liked and decided that I deserved a hat for myself instead of giving them all away. It’s maroon and works up quite quickly but I’ve had a bit to do the past couple of days and so it’s not on as far as I wanted it to be by this time. Hey ho, there’s always tomorrow to do some more.

I am going…to sing some carols in a couple of old folks’ homes tomorrow afternoon. Looking forward to it.

I am wondering…when the last day for posting is. I have got some cards I need to send and I usually miss the last post so this year I’m going to make it in time. Watch me.

I am reading… “Morgue Drawer For Rent” – the third in a very clever series by Jutta Profijt. It is a story told from the viewpoint of a ghost/spirit who can only communicate with one person. That one person happens to be a coroner whose job is dealing with death. In this book, there are problems at the medical institute where Martin (the coroner) works and Pascha (the spirit) helps him sort out what’s going on. Martin resents the intrusion of Pascha all the time and they constantly bicker and fall out with each other and Martin’s personal life unravels the more that Pascha is around. There are thefts of dead bodies, illegal trade in body parts, the Russian Mafia, a hideous boss to contend with and all sorts of other unlikely but utterly believable happenings going on. I love it and can’t wait to get back to it when I go to bed shortly.

I am hoping…for a good night’s sleep tonight as I had a horrendous one last night. I had nightmares and hallucinations throughout the night which were too weird to share with you – you’d never believe me!!

I am praying for…the families and loved ones of the children and teachers who were murdered this week in Connecticut. The community will need all the help and prayers we can send them to rebuild their lives. Also praying for my father in law who had a mini stroke this week.

I am looking forward to…putting my Christmas tree up later this week.

I am learning…that I can deliver a mini-sermon to the mini-people at church. Yes, me!! I did a 5 minute slot with the children in this morning’s service about being sorry for the wrong things we have done. It was a very basic confessional type thing, and I used one of those upside down faces to illustrate the point that when we tell God we’re sorry he turns everything upside down and makes a sad face into a happy face.

Around the house…Christmas preparations are underway. Boxes of craft supplies moved, floors swept and mopped, space made for the tree (yay!)

I am pondering…about going shopping this week. There’s still lots I need to get and I don’t know when I’m going to be able to go.

A favourite quote for today… “If everything seems to be going well, you have obviously overlooked something.”

One of my favourite things…holding new babies.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Stay and Play Christmas party tomorrow morning; carols at a couple of old folks homes tomorrow afternoon; community carolling Tuesday night; carolling in a pub on Wednesday night; a carol service in the community care centre on Thursday afternoon; cinema and lunch with my kids on Friday afternoon.

A picture for today…



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6 thoughts on “Daybook Entry – 16th December”

  1. Lovely post, Pam. I very much enjoyed it. Love the picture! ” Morgue Drawer for Rent.” : Was great to read your comments to it in this post. I actually read already your next post and commented on it. I actually started with looking at your post “Short Days?” and commented on this a bit. However this first comment of mine seems to have gone astray. Well, unintended things happen to the computer sometimes!


    1. Hi Uta, thank you for your lovely comments. I always enjoy reading your thoughts on my posts 🙂
      I see you have got lovely warm weather at the moment in Oz….much nicer than here in the UK where we have flood warnings AGAIN. It looks like it’s going to be not a white Christmas, but a soaking wet one 😦


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