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Short Days?

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4 thoughts on “Short Days?”

  1. Hi, Pam!
    I try to comment to this once more and hope this time it won’t go astray!
    Here in Australia we are in the midst of summer. Today for instance is the longest day and the shortest night of the year for us. When it gets light very early in the morning I tend to sleep less than usual. Theoretically this would mean I could get done more. Unfortunately it doesn’t always work this way, for when I get only five or six hours sleep during the night I may get tired during the day, needing a nap or at least some really quiet time. However I do like long days, even though I must say there’s something to like about every season.
    That you should get more floods rather than snow for Christmas, dear Pam, that’s of course something you would not be able to like. I hope the weather in England won’t be as bad over Christmas as has been forecast.. May you have a very peaceful and joyful and safe Christmas.
    Best wishes, Uta.


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