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The First Nowell This is Kevin, myself, Ethan and Sam playing outside St Peter’s Church on Christmas morning. We played before and during the service too, but this was the only piece that was filmed. I hope you like it!


7 thoughts on “The First Nowell”

    1. Haha we’d love to!! And yes, this is my family. It is my husband who is playing the lead, my son and my daughter’s long term boyfriend on trombone. My daughter was holding the camera and will hopefully be playing with us next year when we can get her an instrument sorted out. We’ve really had a great time this Christmas playing carols as a foursome. It has been good fun!!
      Happy New Year to you too 🙂


    1. You’re welcome Susan. This is my husband, my son and my daughter’s long-term boyfriend playing here. My daughter is holding the camera and would have been playing with us if she hadn’t had to give her instrument back to the band she’d borrowed it from a couple of weeks ago. We will be replacing it for her so next year hopefully we will have a quintet to entertain you with!


  1. Well done! Beautifully played! I enjoyed it very much. I noticed you did not have a white Christmas in your little bit of England. It snowed in Dallas but not here in San Antonio. Just cool.


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