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Daybook Entry – 4th Jan 2013


Outside my window…it’s overcast, miserable and grey. I wish we could see a bit of blue sky soon!!

I am thinking…about what music we’re going to be playing at band tonight. It’s the first rehearsal back since Christmas and I’m excited to see everyone again and to get some decent music out.

I am thankful…for my best friend.

In the kitchen…Emma and her friend Steph have been making apple and cinnamon muffins this afternoon and the house smells delightful.

I am wearing…pink polo shirt and dark blue jogging pants.

I am creating…an online shop for my craft business. I am working with my Mum and my husband in getting our handicrafts sold online. We eventually want to sell at craft shows and fairs, but we want to have an online presence too so we can reach customers all over the world. Small steps to begin with but we’ll get there! If you want to have a peep at what we do, you can find us on Facebook, which is our marketing and information page, or you can go straight to our shop on Etsy if you want to see what we’re selling.

I am going…to Todmorden tonight to conduct the band.

I am wondering…how many people will be there tonight!

12 days of winterI am reading…a set of short stories by Stuart MacBride called “Twelve Days of Winter: Crime at Christmas”.

I am hoping…my brother manages to get tickets for the match tomorrow.

I am praying for…the family and friends of the two people whose funerals I was witness to today. I didn’t know either of the deceased but for one reason or another I was there for both of their funerals. I am praying that the families are able to piece together their lives without their loved ones again and they find peace soon.

I am looking forward to…getting back to my book tonight when I get home from band.

I am learning…that I have got an inner strength that I didn’t think I had.

Around the house…the Christmas decorations are still up but will be coming down tomorrow; bits and pieces of our stock that is in the process of being photographed and catalogued before going online; a temporary photo booth where we are photographing our stuff (also known as the dining table with a bit of wood propped up on it and covered in different cloths!)

I am pondering…the things I want to include in my intended blogging series called “A-Z of Manchester”. There is so much to choose from for each letter I’m struggling with what to include and what to omit.

A favourite quote for today… “Don’t be devastated that I’ve gone, be joyful that I shared your life with you”

One of my favourite things…chips from the chippy on a Friday

A few plans for the rest of the week: band tonight, Manchester City match tomorrow, Sunday School on Sunday morning

A peek into my day…my traditional working class tea – egg, chips and beans. Looks horrid but I assure you it tasted wonderful!!



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