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10 Things…

Every now and again I dip into the online BBC News magazine pages to have a look at what snippets of news and information I can find and the current list of “10 Things You Didn’t Know Last Week” is worth sharing in its entirety with you today. My comments are in red.

10 Things You Didn’t Know Last Week

Snippets from the week’s news, sliced, diced and processed for your convenience.

1. The price of college textbooks in the US has risen faster than healthcare, house prices and inflation.
More details (The Atlantic)

2. Four of the world’s five oldest people live in Japan, according to a list of people whose birth date and survival have been confirmed.
More details (Financial Times)

3. There are two firms in the world cloning polo ponies.
More details (The EconomistI just hope they don’t make them with a hole in the middle…..(sorry, couldn’t resist!)

4. It would have taken 2.5m seagulls to lift James’s giant peach into the air, not the 501 that Roald Dahl suggested.
More details (The GuardianThis was one of my favourite stories when I was a child. I don’t care how many scientists can “prove” Roald Dahls was wrong!

5. Supertasters who test baby food have twice as many taste buds as most people.
More details (The GuardianYet baby food is half as tasty as grown up food…..

6. Last year missed being the wettest on record by 6.6mm.
More details (MetroJust one more storm wouldn’t have hurt…

7. The average individual in the US uses more than 20,000 sheets of toilet paper a year.
More details (New Scientist)

8. The residents of Surrey account for one fifth of all library borrowing of EL James’s Fifty Shades of Grey.
More details (The TelegraphNooooooooooooooooooooooo!

9. Hot drinks taste differently according to the cup colour. True. My Dad swears that tea tastes better in a dark mug
More details (Discovery News)

10. A gorilla can tightrope walk. My favourite piece of news last week!!!
More details (The Telegraph)

All sources are credited with the article and if you want to have a look at more of these then please click on this link to the BBC. I hope you enjoyed reading the list this week – I know I did!!!



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